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If you had three wishes...

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It was suggested to me that I start this thread since I asked it as a question in the question and answer thread. So, here it is:

If you could have three wishes granted, what would you wish for?

I know that world peace is on everyone's mind, so let it be said that wish number 4 would will be world peace, so no one has to use that as one of their wishes, I have decided wish 4 for everyone! I just wanted it to be there for everyone. Sorry for taking liberties and assuming everyone wanted it, but I am just taking a chance here .
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This is tough- because although personal gain is in the front of my mind- I now think differently thanks to being exposed to all sorts of cultures here: So here goes:

1. End world hunger
2. No more child and animal abuse
3. Everyone to have enough money that they no longer have to struggle.
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I wish my cats could speak english. I wish my car could fly. And i all so allways wanted to live in a tree house, and by the way that would be a money tree.
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You're so right about peace! We would all have chosen it!

1. I wish that all those who are sick and in pain would be well.
2. I wish that marriages would be renewed, with love and understanding between people who love each other.
3. I wish for wisdom, so that we can make wise choices in our lives.

Silly wishes: (Yep, I cheated!)
I wish I could fly in real life, not just in dreams.

I always wished (as a child) for a living Barbie type doll who could live in a doll house, so that I could provide her with all the things I wanted as a child.

I wish I could have a beautiful, formal rose garden, with hybrid teas, delphiniums, dwarf boxwood, arbors, a fountain, and benches.
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1. Have enough money to pay off my parents' house and live comfortably.

2. To have Mom back the way that she was, before the stroke.

3. I want a self-cleaning house.
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Ok, here are mine:

1. I would wish for enough money to pay off all of my debt, and the debt of the people closest to me. I mean I don't want to be greedy, or be set up for life or anything, but a nice healthy $0 in the debt department would sure be nice.

2. I would wish for a job that I actually enjoy doing that pays well, with excellent benefits, and plenty of vacation time. (Since this is wishing I thought I would go for the gold here)

3. I would wish for love, health and happiness for everyone.

Oddly, while I sat here typing these up I just kept thinking of the episode of the X-Files where Mulder finds a genie and gets to make three wishes, and the key was wording the wish exactly right without any loopholes for the genie to slip through. It was quite funny. In the end he wishes the genie free. I would wish the genie free if it were a genie granting my wishes.
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1 a baby
2 a baby
3 a baby

right now that is my only wish!
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lol - well....I have everything I have ever wished for so...........I have decided to give my 3 wishes to Ady...

1. a baby
2. a baby
3. a baby

I hope your wish comes true...........
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
lol - well....I have everything I have ever wished for so...........I have decided to give my 3 wishes to Ady...

1. a baby
2. a baby
3. a baby

I hope your wish comes true...........
Thanks hon! I am so glad you have everything you could wish for - you are so lucky. I will be in the same boat if I could get a baby!
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you will.....

obviously...if I could have a 4th wish.....I would wish that everyone's wishes here come true. That way, the world would definately be a better place.

On a personal level, having a roof over my head, my 2 boys to kiss goodnight and a loving husband at home mean more than anything to me. I am definately lucky....
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Enough money to pay all my debt's and my sons debt's
Health & happines for all
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My wish list:

#1: Basic respect for the population. Everyone is a human being first, and that their nationality comes second. Treat people as individuals rather than a clumped cultural entity.

#2: A cure for Cancer and any other horrible disease that has touched our lives.

#3: I will have enough for retirement and not be on the streets! Those taxes are brutal!

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Kass, you won't be on the streets as long as you have friends.

Ady, I would love to see you have a baby. I used my wishes, but prayer never gets used up!
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Thanks Jeanie - I will definately take the prayers with thanks!
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how that is hard!!

1. health & long life of my family friends and myself.
2. Enough money to be able to live comfortable. (and I could open a LARGE no kill shelter for cats )
3. i don't know. I think i wouldsave it for awhile.
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awww i hope you get your baby. I was trying to get preggers to. But i'm taking alittle break until my business starts to get going good :tounge2:
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Too many wishes I want but three!

~Comfortable with $$
~healthy children of mine
~peace, no war at all.
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