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Birthday Boys

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Ok, so we didn't have an all-out party to celebrate Ernie and Santo turning a year old, but I did get some pics of them. Compare from almost a year ago when I got them.

When they came home:

These brothers love each other

All ears!

One year later

Santo looking all prim and proper! LOL

Ernie talking to me as I'm snapping the picture (with devil eyes...LOL). Notice his mouth.

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happy birthday!
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awwww too sweet..happy birthday!
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awww! Very cute. Happy Birthday to both!
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Happy Birthday Ernie and Santo!
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Thanks to all! The boys don't know how good they have it around here! LOL Don't you wish you could explain to cats how "cushy" their life is and how they are absolutely spoiled rotten?
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happy belated birthday to your handsome boys! they are beautiful!

and it's a good thing they don't know how spoiled they are.
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Happy Birthday boys!
Santo`s feet look so velvety and Ernie has the cutest name
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