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A possible new pet....

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Like I said "possible"!!! But I would love to have him!! I have been doing research all week and talking with the woman that has him.

She is selling him, his cage and toys/food for $175!!

I am going to continue research and talk more with the woman that has him beore I make a *final* decision!!
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A quaker right? You gotta know about the noise level. They can be extremely noisy. Also did you ask how tame he was and if he is able to be handled? Also why are they giving him away? That is a good price for all that stuff.
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He is adorable. Hope everything works out. I love quakers...they are such cute little guys, so full of character. A good forum that is very helpful is http://www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/community/
or this one http://www.birdboard.com/forum/ (might like that one more since it has its own section just for quakers). Good luck.

I would get him a different cage if you do get him though. That one isn't too bad, but wider cages (instead of ones that are just really tall) are really better because they have more room (plus more room for lots of fun toys. ). This place has some really good prices http://www.parrot-and-conure-world.c...ot-supply.html and ebay usually has great deals too.
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He is cute!
I couldn't have a bird tho.
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I would advise against it.
Quakers are banned in Kansas, so you would not be able to provide him with vet care.

Quakers are messy (don't get me wrong, I love them and I miss mine dearly), they like to soak their food and sling it everywhere, plus the food soaking makes them prime targets for yeast infection in the crop, which is what ultimately killed my 13 year old quaker.

Here is a list of Quaker (Monk parakeet) laws and regulations for all 50 states.
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Oh my goodness!!!! What a good deal! And he is soooo cute!!!
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