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Myspace group ideas anyone?

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I'm bored and was thinking about making a new group for Myspace. But I have no idea what to make it about?

I want a group anyone can join, and for it be something really good that it will be very active. So thinking of a group you wanted to see, but dont see listed is the best place to start.

I was thinking of making a group used only for finding people to add as friends you dont know, but friends who have the same interests as you! Basically you would post a friend "add" in the group topic (everyone posts in the same topic), saying what your interests are, being as specific as possible to find the best match. If someone likes what they read, they send you a friend request.

The issue that came to my attention is, if ALOT of people are posting (and you know myspace), you may have 50 or more pages to scroll through to find your best match. People at the end pages will be left out probably and it wont be fair if nobody reads there add. And, if you get a request, how can you tell it was someone from that group and not a random person?

So any ideas?
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id make a pet one so you can all talk about your pet watever it may be
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Your probably going to laugh, because there are already a bunch of them!
If you wanted to look for a certain group for a pet just ask me, I belong to a bunch of them.
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haha wow thats surprising... sheesh i aint been on myspace in years :o
i must go on it
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