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I Miss You All So Much!!!!!

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I miss participating in the Daily Threads, I miss reading all the posts - and I feel a hole when I don't get to keep up on what's going on in everybody's lives!

I've been so tied up with Gary and his Dad. It has been a really tough for us, and we've had to do a lot of traveling between NJ and Chicago (where FIL lives) for a day or two at a time. We're getting SOME sleep again, but the emotional drain is terrific.

We think he's known about this illness (for those who don't know, my father-in-law was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and given a very short life expectancy ) for longer than he's told us. He's NOT doing well, and is going downhill rapidly. He already has a nurse and looks and sounds terrible.

Gary and his father (who were estranged for almost 10 years - a cycle repeated frquently in their lives. Gary left home at 15) are trying to cram 10 years into just a few weeks. It is so difficult for us.

But I just wanted you all to know that I've been popping in whenever I get a chance. My time tends to come in clumps now - and I try to cram a week into a few hours. But this is nothing compared to what Gary and his Dad are suffering now.

I'm so thankful to have my friends at TCS, and I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!
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Laurie, saying prayers for the three of you, and sending headbumps from the kitties as well.
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Hi Laurie!

My crew is also waving their paws at you and Gary-

Big hugs as you go down this new path---
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We miss you too! Big hugs for you and Gary (but especially you right not) and headbumps from Ivo. You guys are in my thoughts every day.

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Laurie, I'm asking God for special blessings for you, Gary and his father. I pray that you have strength, and the Gary's dad is free from pain and fear. God bless all of you. Angels watch you.
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laurie- glad to hear from you! you and gary and his father are in my thoughts and prayers.
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hey laurie, you and gary are in my prayers and thoughts. you are such wonderful people. (((HUGS))) to both of you.
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aw..... see how wonderful you all are???

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Laurie we miss you too! What a difficult time for you - I'm keeping all three of you in my thoughts and prayers!
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I'm so sorry that things are going so poorly. Try to get some rest and make peace with all that is happening. I went through something similar when my father passed away from colon cancer, it was heartbreaking!

I'm sending a cyberhug right back at ya!!!

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Oh Laurie, I know all to well what both of you must be going through. With my FIl passing away and now grandpa..I know how hard this must be for both of you.

The support here at TCS is amazing.

But....do remember to take care of yourselves also. Rest as much as you can.

((((((BIG HUGS)))))

Miss you too.......

Sending positive thoughts and strength to all of you
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Laurie prayers and good thoughts flying your way! Please make sure you are taking care of yourself and that man of yours, that is the most important thing. Don't worry about us, just make sure you are getting enough rest.
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hugs & prayers.
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Laurie, we miss you tons too!! Hugs and love sent from me and mine to you and yours.
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Take care of yourself! We're here when you need us, and we understand if you don't have time to come and play. (((Laurie)))
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Laurie, my thoughts and prayers are with all three of you!
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My thoughts and prayers are with you & your family during this hard time. Please take care of yourself and Gary too!!((((((((HUGS)))))))))
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