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New here and when can I hold my kitties?

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Hello, I just registered here and have a question. I get differing answers so I thought I would bring it here. How old do my kittens have to be before I can hold them. There in good health according to the vet and are already starting to roam. They are almost 3 weeks old. I am keeping them all and wan't to begin allowing them to get used to us as soon as we can without upsetting their mum. Thanks in advance!

Kai's mum
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They need to adjust to their world first, trust me, there will be plenty of time later to play with them. Usually after their first vet visit for their vaccinations is a good time to start getting them used to human touches. Don't carry them around at first, just sit on the floor and play with them and let them explore your lap and stuff. Remember, they have only been on this earth for 3 weeks and that is not a lot of time.
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I have always heard that you're not supposed to touch baby kittens until they are a couple of weeks old. But I have always held our kittens from the moment they were born. New babies are so fascinating my hubby and I would just lay by the momma's box and take them out one by one and hold and look at them. Never had a health or developmental problem. Always had trusting mom's, too. In fact, BigBoy (6 yrs, 16 lbs) still likes to be carried because I carried him all over the house with me from the time he was a few days old. He was the biggest of the litter by far and he was long haired and beautiful and had a sweet personality- I couldn't help falling in love with him and have spoiled him fiercely.
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When Sandie's babies were born, I went over to her house the day after and was holding them. I too sat on the floor next to Emmileth's box. She didn't mind at all. I think as long as you stay near mom so she can see them, you shouldn't have a problem. Unless the mother is aggressive. See how she reacts first. At three weeks of age their eye's should be open and they'll be moving around alot more.
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Welcome!!! Yup...as long as mom does not take any body parts off, it is safe to start teaching them that people are wonderful. Just make sure they stay in moms sight and away from other cats. Give them love, pets, kisses and lots of sweet talk!!
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Thank you all very much! Sophie trusts me quite a bit, after she had her babies she actually wouldn't let me leave her side. There eyes are fully open and they move around alot! There the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. I think the main reason I have become such the mother hen, is because I can't have any more babies of my own Any way, thanks for all your responses, they were very helpful and much appreciated!
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Kai's mum, I know what you mean about being a mother hen. Children didn't happen for my hubby and I, either. So I treat our cats like- and sometimes better than- some people treat their kids. I carry on conversations with them, I understand them, I love them very much; they fill a void.
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