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Don't let the kitties see this ...

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Okay, round up the kitties and place them far away because what you are about to say might upset their little ego.

So, this applies to house with multiple kitties only. Honestly, of all the kitties you have, do you have a favorite? One that tug at your heartstrings everytime, one that is just very special and different from the rest. I know you all love your kitties a lot, so this might not be easy to admit.

If you do, why does that one special kitty hold a unique place in your heart? Is it because she is the youngest? One that is not in the best health? The oldest? Maybe because he/she is very affectionate and love your attention?

It's time to spill out your innermost feelings without sounding like a bad parent. Tough?
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That's not a hard one. Dahmer His name is tattooed on my left foot. He was my first animal that I had complete responsibility for. We've been through hell and back with being homeless, moving cross country, different boyfriends, different jobs. He's changed a LOT of people on how they see cats. He's turned many cat haters and dislikers to make an exception for him because he has such a wonderful personality. He turned 2 last Saturday and I have many more years with him, but he is the foundation of my emotional stability. I'm dreading the day he leaves me.
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chloe is my favorite. in my will, if they outlive me chloe gets everything --including patchy. i always felt that since patchy is more of a lapkitty that chloe felt i loved patchy more than her. she would always look so sad when patchy would sit in my lap and it always broke my heart.

actually, the face shes making in her pic below is due to patchy sitting in my lap!
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out of my 6 little darlings 4 of which are actually my partners i have too say i love HIS cat willow, she came too us when tiger the SO's tom died!
willow is soo funny and always has a way of making you feel better!
i wake up at night just to check she is still sleeping on his pillow too give her a rub on the head!
she soooo pretty and just such a character!
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Between my two girls who are littermates, I've always liked Mia better...she is cuter and likes to cuddle and be held much more than Marble. Mia is like a little baby and Marble is independent so I like that I can hold Mia's hand sometimes. I also like that I can have conversations with Mia (she must be part siamese) and her grunts and chirps are so cute. For a while I was totally indifferent to Marble, but I've realized instead of cuddling on me, she likes to follow me around and sleep near my feet at night. I now love both my girls but Mia is still #1.
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It is hard to say this because I love all my casts so much, but I have a bond with Hanna that is so deep. I found her near death and nursed her back to health and every single day she shows her gratitude. She always loves me.
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It's easy for me to admit being far more closer with Quincy, my older kitty, than younger brother Quasar. It's as if he & I formed a bond, from the very first day I held him. He's very affectionate & loving, from his ear-suckling to the sweet way he lays his paw on my arm, staring up into my eyes, and his love of having me carry him around. My kitties are both Siamese, and while Quasar is a little beauty, most times, he is what I would call a little "touch-me-not" (the only time he gives you any attention is when he's begging for treats!)
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Of the two now, Ramsay. But Ramsay and Andy were on equal footing. Ramsay was our first kitten when we moved in together. After about a month with Ramsay Andy found me and once he met DH we knew he was ours. We got Gus mostly for Ramsay after Andy passed a few months ago, and are still missing Andy a lot. Don't get me wrong, we love Gus....but we still aren't nearly as bonded with him as we were with Andy. I'm sure he's going to keep growing on us though. Ask me again at a later date.
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can i have 2 favorites? my lap kitties are my 2 favorites - Pixel & Chip. they're the 2 that show me the most affection. right now, Pixel is lying across my chest, hampering my typing ability
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I don't mind answering the question in front of my crew. They know Joji is my favorite. They also know that Joji is not a lap cat, prefers to be alone, dislikes strangers (cats, dogs, people), and does not cling to mom. They all do those things for her and mommy responds by treating them like they're the favorites.
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You know, I was just thinking about this the other day and wondered if I could admit it out loud.

Roly Poly is my favorite. I thought it was a male thing... as he has my RB Mufasa's personality, but he is just the cutest, cuddliest critter.

Squeaker is a very affectionate cat, but she likes to be in-you-face. In fact she drives everyone else in the house crazy because of this, but I find it endearing. But still... there is something about Roly. Hubby calls him his other dog. He comes when you call him, he follows you around. Just a lovable thing!

Twix is a good cat, but being so new to us, I am waiting to see her real personality to develop after her kittens are adopted. Willow is also another cuddle-bug-ear-sucker, but she is very temperamental. She actually lives with my mom now because when Josh was first diagnosed she hated to be left alone every time we were in the hospital. So my mom would just bring her to her house (along with the kids) when we were gone and they formed a bond. I still get to see her daily so that's a plus. Miss the ear-sucking sometimes though

I love them all for different reasons.... but I do have a soft spot for Roly...
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Of my 2, who are littermates, Dusty is the one that tugs at my heartstrings. I love both of them but Dusty is my little ray of sunshine. I think it is because the lady I got them from told me she thought she was ugly! Dusty is a very pretty kitten!!! Her colors are really coming out. She is a torbie or patched tabby.
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So for a lot of people their favorite is whoever is the better lap kitty? The cuddler? That seems a bit unfair to me.
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okiron, people just gravitate toward the ones they gravitate toward. You have a favorite for your reason and others for theirs.

I don't have a favorite and I mean it. They each bring me something different. Mary is my lap cat. But she is also the cat that cat people tell me is unusual for her personality. A few friends of mine, one who has 75 cats in her lifetime told me that she has never met a cat like her. She will talk through the window with you through the screen. She is super affectionate and very intuitive. She comes when I call her name, has adapted to every change like a champ. I have never had one behavioral issue with her. She likes to be carried, she will snuggle under the blankets with me and she likes potato chips.
Cleo is my handsome boy. He is the biggest but has the softest baby meow. He is not a lap cat but he likes to lay at my feet. He purrs the minute I walk into the room. He is a treat burglar. He will find the treats and then all three run under the bed for an unexpected snack. He likes baths and he likes to be carried if you are walking around the house. He marks everything with his cheek. He does nose kisses.
Seldon is the funniest. He is so nosy and has to know what is going on at all times. He is very smart and figures out the fastest ways to get the end result he desires. If treats are served at 3. Around 2:55 he can be found hanging around the kitchen. He drinks water the most and loves to play in it. He likes paw massages, laying across my laptop, sleeping curled around my arm, headbutts and touches me with his paw all of the time. He likes his lower back scratched and goes cross eyed and collapses when you do it. He also says mama and hello. He talks constantly. He is playful and always makes the others play a game he made up.

No way could I pick a fave.
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I have two favorites. Levi has since the first day I brought him home been special. He is such a sweet well behaved cat. I don't know if it is because he picked me but there is just a special bond between the two of us. Levi would rather be with me than the other cats. Then there is Jorodan. He has recently become my favorite. I still love Levi, but Jordan has had some health problems for the last year. It made me realize how much I truly love him. He cuddles with me every night and takes all his medications like a champ. There was a time last summer I really did not believe he would make it to 5, but we are less than 2 weeks away from his 5th birthday and I am so proud of my big strong man for fighting so hard for the last year. He is doing great right now and that makes me so happy I want to cry!
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Cubby is my heart baby. He means so much to me. He will always have a bigger chunck of my heart. He is my first animal as an adult. He came into my life when I needed it the most. I was dealing with the death of my father. Dealing with other tramatic things in my life as well. Cubby came in and made me feel better.
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I plan on getting more, but I know Zissou will always be the favorite. We've been through a lot together and she was my first pet ever.
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Originally Posted by okiron View Post
So for a lot of people their favorite is whoever is the better lap kitty? The cuddler? That seems a bit unfair to me.

Ramsay is not a cuddler at all. He refuses to sit on a lap, protests being picked up, etc. He just likes to talk and get occasional rubbings. Gus is a HUGE snuggler and can't get enough. If I walk past the couch he'll jump onto my shoulder just to rude around and nuzzle my neck. But I still said Ramsay is my favorite.
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