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new here and need advice

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hi, i'm new here, and i stumbled upon this forum trying to research my dilemma. my kitty has recently been vomiting a lot, so i took her to the vet yesterday, and it turns out she has an ear infection, needs 2 teeth pulled and is constipated! well, she is going to be fine, but now i have to give her 2 medicines plus laxatone.

today was the first day i tried the laxatone. boy, she did NOT like it. i rubbed it on her paw, she licked off most of it, but now it's all over her! then she goes into the litter box and the litter is stuck to her fur, and she will NOT let me clean it off. can someone recommend an easier, cleaner way to give her this? i have a syringe that the doctor gave me, but i already have to shove antibiotics down her throat..i would hate to have stick something else down there.

any suggestions would be helpful! thanks!
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hi and welcome!
I'm sure people will be along to help!

Maybe I can reccomend using pillpockets to give her the antibiotics. They are little capsules that are treats that you hide pills in. If she likes treats if may work well!! I think you can also put liquids/gels in them so that might be worth a shot!!

Any pet stores should have them!!
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I have seen people put it on top of very fishy smelling wet food. The cat gets so excited about the wet food, they just eat the other stuff with.
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thanks for the welcome and the advice!

so, will these pillpockets work for laxatone? is it good to mix it in with treats or better that it's given to them by itself? the doctor was certain she would like the stuff as it is tuna flavored, but i guess she is just too freaked out by the ear drops and the oral medication and can't handle anymore distress. i want to make this as easy for her as i can...the poor dear!
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
Any pet stores should have them!!
here's a link, so you know what to look for: pill pockets
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