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Hardwood floors

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How do you clean yours?
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I clean mine with vinegar. I am so cautious about any chemicals on the floors with the animals.
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I use a petfriendly organic cleaner
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I dont' have hard woods but my parents do--the real deal hardwoods and they just use a swiffer usually.

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When I had them at the old house, I used Murphey's cleaner for floors.
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Vinegar mixed with warm water.
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Murphys Oil Soap. Its pet friendly (and environment friendly too!)
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We always used vinegar and hot water when we had polished floors.

I think there was a thread recently about this, you may want to search and see if you can find it - you might get some more tips!
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A well rung sponge mop with water and Mr. Clean.
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I gave up trying!! I just give them a wipe with hot water to take away random hairballs, cat.... well, excrement (Bootie misses the box sometimes with her bad balance - either that or falls out of it while "doing" things in it)... and dropped food. As long as I do it as it happens, then I don't really get any stains that merit the floor being washed. We're going to have them all done when we move and sell the apartment though.
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I hate them, i much prefer carpet and throw it out every year or two
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