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taste for silver

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My new cat has a weird fixation. I wear a silver figaro chain around my neck. She loves to chew on the chain. When my friend Crystal visits us, the cat tries to chew on her silver chain, too. But she doesn't go after the sterling silver flatware. I'm almost tempted to get her a chain of her own if it wouldn't be harmful.

Yes, we feed her. She eats well, has plenty of fresh water. When the weather gets warmer, she'll be introduced to ice cubes in the water.

Does she need a vitamin or does she just have expensive taste?
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I dont know everything but she might just be playing. May be she likes the way it feels in her mouth. My past kitty used to like to stick his head in the artifical plants. Not chew but just sit there with his head in the plants. Silly cat. as for buying her her own chain, i would be afraid she would swallow a link. I dont know about the toxicity of silver but there are safer toys out there for her. there is no accounting for taste!
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Funny you should mention this. My cats never showed any interest in my jewelry, other than to turn earrings into hockey pucks. But the new guy, Sparkey, is fascinated by my silver necklace and was biting at it last night. I figured, what harm could it do, let him play. He was sitting on my lap, so I would know if there was a problem. I looked down a few minutes later and my silver pendant was warped and bent from his jaws!
Needless to say, that was the end of that game. :tounge2:
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Come to think of it, she also likes to chew on my steel knitting needles. My figaro chain is fairly heavy, I'm not too concerned about her breaking it. Luckily, the chewing ssssions don't last long. Maybe she just likes the feel of them. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something really obvious.
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Hmmm, Tage has an obsession with my ear rings. My lip ring is titanium, but my ear rings are all stainless steal I believe, or something like that, one of the more low grade metals.
He pays no attention to my lip ring, but heads straight for the ear rings!
I had another foster cat Vevina who loved to munch of my lip ring, she would do it all the time, specially first thing in the morning, I would wake up and her teeth would be latched to my noise or lip ring.
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I had a weird thought this afternoon, not that that is so surprising. But I'm wondering if she thinks my necklace is my collar. She can't chew on her collar so she chews on mine?
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