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my cat likes to sit on the nightstand with his head in the lampshade and stare at the lightbulb. i try to redirect this behavior by turning off the lamp, but i'm not always aware that he's doing it. he gets very calm while doing this, but i'm concerned that it will damage his eyes. is this a common behavior or do i have a weird cat?
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Perhaps there is a specific sound the lamp/light bulb gives off--something we cannot hear but the cat can?

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Cats are stange like that! Leya likes to do that. I think I agree with the post above mine, it might make a sound. We changed to the energy efficient "swirly" light bulds. I have no idea what they are really called. Leya doesn't look into those light bulbs (they are lite by a gas, and are cool to the touch). Maybe that would help your cat if you are willing to spend the money. They pay for themselves in the end. We live in a two story house and have the lights on a lot and our electicity bill (when we don't have to run the heat or AC) is around $50. They last forever too, we've moved three times and brought the bulbs with us each time! They've already lasted us three years now!
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