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I have never given kittens away before - how

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I have never in my life given kittens to any one that wasn't a member of my immediate family.

Gary rescued a couple of babies from a business associate. This "person" locked his cat eating mutt in a pallet yard with a momma cat and her kittens -the dog killed all be the two we have. At first the guy was going to keep one of them but with much shrieking from me on the other end of the phone we were able to rescue them both.

They are adorable and surprisingly friendly. I think they ate scraps from workers lunches so they are hungry.

We already have four cats and I really do not have the room for more - as much as I hate to admit that. They are litter mates and playful.

How do I find homes????? I don't want to put a "free to good home" ad in the paper because I really want them to find a good home. I have always kept my rescues and if my house were bigger I would keep these two too.

I have never had to find kitten homes before and honestly I am unsure where to even begin.If I mess up they could end up worse than they were before I found them and I don't want that.

If some one was willing to adopt them and give them a for sure good home I would help with sterilizations and vaccinations -

Any suggestions of where to start - surly some one some where could use some baby love. . . . .It would be great if they could stay together but I guess I can't be too picky they just seem like they would be so lonely without each other. I promised Gary I would find a good home two strays and one feral ago. . . . . these two would have me with six cats - four inside full time.

{Click to enlarge thumbnails!}

I never saw kittens drink as much as these babies did they were soo thirsty. After eating and drinking they did much sleeping. I do not know if they have been full sense they were weaned and I don't know that they have ever felt safe until now.

They are a pair of adorable babies in need of a loving family - they are soo friendly
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awwww... where was the cuteness warning? do you want to kill people? no advice for the question - just compliments on their cuteness!
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Send them to me :P

I would say ask a lot of questions about why they want the cats, in what case would they rehome the cats, etc.
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You need to ask alot of Questions. We asked why they wanted them. Are you allowed to have Cats?
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Are you allowed to have Cats?
This is a good question - I would want them to be able to bring the babies back to me if they couldn't keep them. I know why I have never given kittens away - it is too hard. . . too many what ifs . . . . .I don't know if I could even dream of splitting these guys up. What if some one only wanted one. . . maybe my daughter can take them if I pay to have them fixed. . .if they are here longer than a day or two I get attached.

Should have seen them working together stealing my morning donut. It was one of those log looking ones and the kittens each had an end trying to carry it and run under the couch . Naturally a trail of donut crumbs followed. . . no more unattended donuts. . .

They are adorable - tidily and winks . . . . have to call them some thing - here kitty kitty fetches every cat in the house - if i whistle just right I will fetch the ones out side too. . who says ya can't heard cats.

They are tame very tame - I do not know how but they are very friendly. We have to adjust our cats to the kittens the kittens had no problems what so ever. . . .maybe I will call the lady who works at vets office -

I am known as the lady who schedules females cats to be neutered. . . . three times in a row - I forget to look under the tail - besides what ever is there is fixing to be fixed where it doesn't work any way. . . .
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kittens can start their vaccines at 5 weeks so you can get started on that. They can also be spayed and neutered when they are 8-10 weeks old so I would have that done FIRST and then charge an adoption fee accordingly to offset the cost. There are low cost clinics all over the place. If the person has no other cats in the home I would insist they go together. They will need a playmate.
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you could advertise an adoption fee, that will weed out those that are truly interested in having them as pets, then, if you really like the people, you could waive the fee
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I would try to connect with a reputable rescue and give the cats to them (if you can, give them a little something $) and that way they can do home checks, reference checks, vet checks, fully vet the kitties, foster them, alter them, and take care of finding them homes.
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During a conversation with my mom I mention "Tidily" and "Winks" she told me she probably wasn't going to move up north as previously planned - she has lost a couple of her older cats this past winter so she had room for kittens. She only works three days a week and is off for the next four days - Gary and I drove down last night and are due to take the kittens over to mom's house in a couple of hours.

I know they will be cared for vaccinated and "fixed" - mom has been known to even "fix" her neighbor's cats -Plus I will still get to see them grow up!

I appreciate the responses as we may very well be back in the same predicament in short order seeing it is kitten season and I live in a rural area -
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Glad to hear it worked out !
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Oh Im so glad they got homes! They are soo stinking cute!!
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Oh they took to mom and she took to them - she said she missed having kittens to play with and watch so she was thrilled - she has a house made for cats - cat toys, cat hiding places and climbing places and such - they have already staked their claim to a particular corner of her couch. . .

Thank you for reading - I am glad they are no longer having to worry about where their next meal is coming from nor do they have to worry about being some one's next meal.
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Oh so cute. I am so happy that they are going to be in a good situation. You can visit them and see them grow. They are so adorable.
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