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Whats wrong with my cat? Vomiting issue

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I was wondering if you all could help me with this. With everyone’s personal experiences with the odd things about cat’s maybe someone knows something =).

Back when we got Bugsy about 5 months ago he would vomit every time he ate. He also vomited on treats. So after trying 4 different foods we are now on Medi-Cal Hypoallergenic Gastro. This worked for him and the vomiting ended but then he got really sick (herpes) and ended up losing a lot of weight to where he settled at 4-5 lbs. Then it just stopped. I don’t what happened but he just got really healthy, his fur glowed, was super chatty, loving, playing all day and night and got a little pudgy.

Fast forward yesterday. He vomits twice. Once in the morning which looked like little pebbles (they weren’t stones but had the small, roundish shape) and again last night which he must have vomited up his whole days meal. What scared me was before each vomit he yelped like he was hurt. He might have vomited while we are not home since Capone has a habit of eating it (ya… I know, ew)

So my questions is this… anyone ever had a cat that just vomits for no apparent reason, and did you eventually find out what it was, and what was it?

Also is it normal for cats to never have hairballs? Hes semi long haired and has never had one.

Oh and also he is still playful and active… in fact I have never seen his so playful, hes super obnoxious lately. And hes still eating.

Thanks all!
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I'd suggest taking him to a vet and having him checked out.

My Chynna has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Since she started on blood pressure medication she has stopped throwing up.

I've had cats most of my adult life and I'm learning that what seems "insignificant" in a cat is actually a clue to something more seriously wrong. So better to go and get your baby looked at
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Yes, I called my vet almost right after I posted that. My vet knows my voice now lol, I think I am one of their over paranoid Mommies lol.

I asked them to do a full check up on my baby. X-Rays, physical, blood work, just get it all done, i will pay the money and get this over with. I guess I will find out soon. I just hope they find what it is… Hopefully something small and easy to control because as I always said to my boyfriend, something’s up, its just a matter of finding it.

Never thought of high blood pressure… Hmmm thanks for that, I will mention that, he is an easily stressed out cat (He will stop eating and lose weight because of this day long vet visit) so maybe that’s it.

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How is Bugsy doing? I hope you were able to find out what happened. My cat has been vomiting frequently lately also. I am in the process of finding out what is going on. I 'd be interested to know what is going on with Bugsy. Thanks.
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Stormy would do that and she died. It turned out her Kidneys were bad.
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Well I still have not found out anything. They didn’t do the blood test, I wish they had but they said it was unnecessary. They did do an x-ray and a physical and said he was super healthy and fine and sent me home with something to sooth his belly.

I’m still worried though, as I told my boyfriend a few weeks after we got him “he has something, we just haven’t found him yetâ€. I’m thinking since he is such a sensitive belly boy and since he such a freaky boy and has a love affair with plastic I’m wondering if maybe he got ahold of some. I’ve pretty much Kitty proofed the house but he could have gotten a hold of anything and it upset his belly.

So that’s what I’m going with for now, he probably ate something bad because that’s what he’s always trying to do. Like I said he’s been super active lately… overly obnoxious in fact. I think he’s finally feeling at home because damn… that cat is hyper LOL. So I wont worry too much about it. Next time I go I am going to insist on a blood test, it cant hurt to make sure.

Thanks so much for the help guys, I hope that your cat is ok Fifi.
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a few yrs ago my cousin had a minpin that kept throwing up and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. she liked to eat stuff also. they did xrays, blood work, everything and she eventually died. she had eaten pantyhose that caught in her intestines and they didnt show up on the xrays but were found in the necropsy.
im not trying to scare you to death but pay attention to what she throws up because missy had thrown up a teeny piece of them but no one gave any thought to it.
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I always check his vomit. My boyfriend has actually had to leave the room in disgust because I will pick it up with a paper towel and use another one to go through his vomit. I’ve never seen anything odd in it, it’s actually always just been food, either what looks like all his food for the day or liquidly stuff.

I am going to ask for a blood test…. Just in case, but my vet just says he has a sensitive belly… I just hope that’s all it is.
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what is he eating ??

Is the bowl or plate elevated??
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He is on Medi-Cal Hypoallergenic Gastro but I don’t think that’s the problem. Its not elevated but as stated previously he went from every day vomiting that stopped after changing his food. He likes to eat plastic, any type will do for him and I think he’s vomited maybe a handful of times since the food change about 2 months ago. this vomit just scared me because of the crying and he did it twice.

So that why I think its something he ate. I just wanted to see if anyone else had mysterious vomiting and if they ever figure out why so I can bring this information to the vet so we can check all avenues. She thinks he just has a sensitive cute belly but I want to make sure that’s all it is.
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Originally Posted by silvionc View Post
I always check his vomit. My boyfriend has actually had to leave the room in disgust because I will pick it up with a paper towel and use another one to go through his vomit. I’ve never seen anything odd in it, it’s actually always just been food, either what looks like all his food for the day or liquidly stuff.
I do that too....gotta be sure right? We are there care givers. My cat will sometimes be vocal about throwing figure it doesn't feel so good for their tummy to go all icky, we know how WE feel right?

I think he just eats too fast. They were getting a little chubby so I have tried watching their food intake. I think i need to do smaller meals throughout the day.....Rocko wolfs down his food poor boy! Just gotta wait and see.

Glad that Bugsy is doing alright....such a cutie!
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sometimes chloes vocal before she throws up too. she only does it when im eating tho. i think shes trying to warn me because she knows i'll throw up too lol.
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I actually went to a conference yesterday on abdominal issues in children - and thought that most of it applies to animals too.
Gee, a whole day of puke and poop.

Other than a virus, the most common reasons for vomiting are a faulty valve at the top of the stomach (reflux, allowing the stomach contents to back up into the espohagus and eventually vomit) and abnormal movement of the gut (the waves that force the food to move along the intestines).

I would ask about the hairball issue first. Zoey turned two and had her first hairball recently. Then I would ask about the possibility of trying some of the meds for reflux - human kids are on them, so there should be pediatric doses available - just not sure about the safety issues in cats.
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Cleo was throwing up and we found out he had swallowed a piece of rubber band. He was given some tummy settling medicine and then he passed it a day later. I think the wet food helped it come out.
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I think now the problem is how fast Bugsy eats. Yesterday i fed my boys their wet food but i was rushed to do errands so I wasn’t watching them eat. Bugsy started to vomit about 5 min later. I saw his dish was wiped clean while Capones dish was only a quarter eaten. Bugs must have inhaled it!

It was a new food i had bought, better quality wet food then what i was feeding them. So tonight i am going to feed him a teaspoon at a time, make him eat it slowly and see how that goes.

Thanks for all the input guys.
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