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Imagine there's a box below this line. It can be as big or as small as you like.

What's in the box? (can be anything you like, the choice is yours)
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What line? I don't see a line! if I were imagining, money is in my box!
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Originally Posted by carwashcats View Post
What line? I don't see a line!
Below the sentence is what I meant.
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For me now a Delicious Coffee Mokachino!!!........

What´s in the box now for you??????
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Cats! My shelter kitties adore boxes!!!
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MONEY!!!!!!!! Lots and lots.
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An endless supply of cat food!
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I would guess, if there's a box somewhere, Cleo would be sleeping in it!
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If it is a magical box, I would hope it would have extra time in it! That way I could get more done and have more fun too!
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
MONEY!!!!!!!! Lots and lots.
I am with you on that one!
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I see Josh jumping out of it
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I'm on the money bandwagon... but in my box in the middle of the money would be Oliver... surely curled up napping on the all important money and too cute for me to want to move him
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I'm in on the money wagon. Plus a kitty or two...
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One more dollar than I could ever spend. Imagine what good you could do with that.
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