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I have seen one dog that was in the habit of killing cats. His attack was sudden, silent, and without warning. He killed our neighbor's kitten, and tried to come through the screen when Snoopy was sitting in the window. Only the screen saved him.

I'll be honest. At that point, had I had a gun, I would have killed that dog, right in front of its owners, who knew his habits and were laughing about the terror he put in our cat.
Sounds like that dog & his owners were of a like-mind
Once, a lady brought her notorious cat-killing dog to our house & he chased our #1 tom up against the corner in the porch. Our tomcat sprung onto the dog's face and clawed out an eye and then rode the ki-yi-ing dog all around the yard. Her laughter quickly turned to screams and she began yelling at my dad about our evil cat My dad stayed really calm and told her maybe both she and the dog would learn a lesson about bringing the dog onto someone's property without warning.
Why do those kinds of people think it's so great when it's their dog getting the best of the smaller animal but when the tables are turned........