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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I find that hard to believe!
Yea that is twice as far away as I am, and Zissou is the only one here that could feel it. But there is really a woman who says she felt it

Well, she certainly got her name in the news, didn't she.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I bet you did... I know I woke up at 5something but I don't remember the exact time... might have been around 5:30?

There was a 4.5 aftershock at 11:15ish too.
I was up at 11:15 and didn't feel any aftershock. Of course 4.5 isn't as big as the first one.
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We felt a slight rumbling here in St. Louis. The first one woke me up and I did feel the second one. The cats really didn't go bonkers, which surprises me
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I find that hard to believe!
I do too but I actually have a member on another board from Ontario that posted this. . .
I know this may sound odd. Being that im very far from you all. But I woke up last night and my bed was shaking.I thought maybe sparky was running through the house. Again I was half asleep and din't realize a 3 pound dog cant do that.

I think you guys sent it to me

Who knows, maybe somehow they did?
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I read somewhere other than the post given that these types of earthquakes in this part of the US can be felt as far as 900 miles away. Even someone in Florida said that they felt it. Apparently the quakes in this part of the country are a bit different than those in Cali.

"Pretty typically for these eastern-central U.S. earthquakes, they're felt over a very broad area," said Dave Applegate, USGS senior science adviser, adding that quakes in California tend to be more localized.
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I was dead asleep. If people up in Canada felt it, I'm sure it was felt in Kansas City.
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Here is the video of the local newscasters as it hit. I think Evansville has the closest TV stations to the epicenter.
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I'm in suburban Chicago and I slept right through it- the original and aftershocks (so far). My co-worker, who lives even farther north, close to the Wisconsin border, said that she couldn't sleep and was on the couch watching The Omen when all of a sudden the couch started shaking violently. Ooo boy, was she freaked out until she flipped to the news and found out what happened!

Albus and the dog didn't seem to be agitated before or since. Albus is so talkative anyway, I don't think I would have known the difference!
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I was in the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. Our Last 5.4 Quake was Oct 30th 2007. My Cats act hyper before Earthquakes hit. My Roses flew off my Computer Desk when it hit. I know none of you are used to Quakes. Some people wont live here because of our Quakes. You will get Aftershocks over there. We are used to Quakes here.
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My bf and I thought we felt some aftershocks a couple of hours ago, or someone was banging wrecklessly on the walls in our apartment building.
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Maybe it's time for everyone to have this added to their favorites:
I keep the "recent earthquake activity california/nevada" page marked as a favorite. We get different types of earthquakes here, both deep and shallow ones! Our area is heavily volcanic, so earthquakes are common, but our building codes are very strong and the hot springs all over the area are very, very nice
I remember about 14 years ago being on the phone with a customer in a Missouri dental office and they had a 5.4 She told me about the New Madrid quake in the 1800s, which was the first I'd heard about it. She was a former Californian, so knew what it was, but also told me that they have a lot of brick buildings on slabs - not too good for structural safety in a quake, so now I know that a quake back East can be more severe in its impact than say one of the same magnitude out here.
So glad that everyone was safe back there
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
We have as much of a chance of sliding into Lake Michigan as Cali does of sliding into the ocean.
The chances of California sliding into the ocean are quite low. Displacement on our largest fault is moving the western part of the state northward toward San Francisco.
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Theres been alot of Quakes in Reno the last few days.
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Honestly, Jan. Let them keep them.
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