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Why does Fred try to trip me?

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I'm sure he's not really trying to trip me, but whenever I walk anywhere in my home, Fred seems to need to cross my path, almost as if he is trying to trip me. It's as if he's trying to rub my leg (like cats do), but he gets very insistent on trying to do this when I'm walking anywhere. I have to be careful not to trip or step on him accidentally. He will follow me from room to room, doing this constantly, always in front of me as if to block my path (and sometimes meowing at me at the same time). As soon as I sit down or stop moving, he stops.

What is he trying to do/say? Any clues?

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He is saying "take a moment out of your busy day and pay attention to me" Get down on the floor and rub him all over, or play with him with a special toy, and don't trip over him either...
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Well, that's what I thought too. However, if I stop what I'm doing and play with him, pet him, or whatever, after a little while when it seems he's had enough (and he goes on his merry cat-way), I try to resume my activity. As soon as I get up and start walking again, he starts all over with the blocking and meowing.

He's so cute, but definitely quirky!
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He's just an attention hog like so many others.
Very normal, enjoy that he likes you so much, hee hee.
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Because he loves you!
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OK .. so it was a dumb question! (I thought maybe it was some weird cat-like herding instinct or something, i.e., trying to keep me from moving about).

My other kitty is an attention hog too. I'm the only human there, so giving each my complete, undivided attention can difficult. My lap isn't big enough for two kitties, but that doesn't keep them from trying to fit at the same time.

At least the other one doesn't try to trip me!! If they double-teamed me, I'd really have a time of it.

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Best cat toy in the world is take an old fishing pole and attach a lightweight toy on the end of the line and cast it around and let them run and play and wear themselves out. I have one cat that likes to weave under me as well, but he won't come inside even if invited so I have to watch my step out in the yard.
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I saw in the National Geographic cat special that cats who live in a community will sort of walk together and bump as they pass. Its like saying hello. I have only seen my cats do it to each other once. That cat special is out on vidio and my library has it. Look for it, it is real good.
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