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my girl Raven is hissing if i try to pet her!

she is usually on the stand-offish side but has never hissed at me for no reason like this before

i am thinking maybe she is hurt? i don't know when or how she would've gotten hurt though, she hasn't been doing much but sleeping

she has asthma and is on transdermal pred for that. (because pilling her is impossible!!)

she doesn't like to be fussed with at all but generally puts up with it and then goes on her way

but now suddenly she doesn't even want me to touch her, and i've made it clear to her that i was only wanting to pet her

(i do things very differently when i have to medicate her, so she knows what to expect, i did things this way on purpose so she would not always be afraid that any time i approach her, it would be to do something she didn't like)

how do i find out if she is hurt when i can't even get near her??

what do you do when you can't get near your cat!!! this has never happened to me before