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5 week kitten pics

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Rags's babies are 5 weeks old today.

Belle & Max

Cyndi & Max on Computer





They like to share mom's food now

But they still like to nurse, too (sorry about Rags's weird eyes)
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They are adorable!
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O goodness! They are soooo adorable
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OH MY!!! Sooooooo sweet!!!
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Awwww, they're getting so big! They are so sweet!
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They are so darn cute! I am hard pressed to pick a favorite Just adorable! Thanks for keeping us posted - I love watching them grow!
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Awww! They are so sweet. There is just something about that wide-eyed kitten expression!
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I absolutely love the little grey one and the calico. Adorable!
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Thanks all!
I checked the sexes again and it looks like I made a mistake with Punky. She's a girl. I had been convinced that Punky was a boy, but I was obviously wrong.
Within the next few days I will take them in to the low cost vaccination clinic for their first distemper shots. I know Rags won't like it, but I can't help it.
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lol so we both have girls named punky. Good luck with their first shots!
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Awwww!! They're just adorable!

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Aw, they are so beautiful!
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Thanks all! I called my regular vet and they told me to bring the kittens in at 9 weeks for their first distemper and leukemia shots. Apparently they skip the first distemper shot. They do the first set of shots at 9 weeks, then at 12 weeks they do the 2nd distemper and leukemia shots and a rabies shot. I guess I'll wait.
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