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Second guessing my pregnant cat.

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Well, I am pretty sure my Lily is pregnant, but her nipples aren't bright pink, and according my calculations, she'll be due in 2.5 weeks (May 2nd).

Do these pictures reveal anything I'm missing? She has always been really petite, and when we saw her bloat after our trip, we were sure she got pregnant. She has not been in heat since we returned from Jamaica March 7th and just finished a heat like Feb 28. We left on the 29th.

Her tummy protrudes slightly to the sides, but her tummy isn't too far from the floor now. Looks like a drop has occurred.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

This one shows her nipples.

This one is of her sitting. It may look somewhat normal to some, but her hind legs are quite spread apart and she is usually quite trim.

Thanks for looking!

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She looks preggers to me. On a non pregnant cat the nipples wouldn't be noticable at all. Olive absolutely ballooned the last 2 weeks and Sophie never got that big. Good luck with her.
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Thanks so much, Lindsay! It's like each day, I say out loud to hubby I'm pretty sure she's pregnant LOL. We ask her all the time too, like she can answer, but you know how it is. At least I am getting an objective opinion from someone here

I was going to take her to the vet to get it confirmed, but since she hasn't been in heat, and she was more "regular" than me LOL, I was pretty sure, but doubtful at the same time, ya know? I just haven't really seen a growth spurt persay, but if the last 2 weeks you say are noticeable, then we'll see She won't let me palpatate her stomach at all, but I have been giving her extra love and attention so she knows who to go to when it's time. I even bought her a nesting bed I have caught her under the bed at night twice this week, so I think it's time to get out the birthing box. No babies birthed under my king size bed!!

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Here was Olive as far along as your kitty you could barely tell she was pregnant

and here was Olive 58 days pregnant

Then 3 days before she delivered
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HOLY SMOKES!! If she gets that big, wow...., I'm speechless! I just showed hubby and he was shocked as well. This not my first feline pregnancy, but it has been 10 years since I went through this at home.

Wow, your kitty was as small as Lily in the top picture. I better ensure I take pictures of her every couple days from now on so I can track this.

Thanks for the pictures, it really helps to see where she is at approximately.

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Your cat may not get as big as her. Olive had 5 kittens. I was really suprised though she was so tiny and then one day I looked down and she had a huge belly.
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As long as the babies are healthy, it doesn't matter how many arrive. I just hope she doesn't do it under the bed. The crummy part of putting out the birthing box is that we're selling our house, and every day for the last 9 days, we've shown our house like 3 times a day. I am going to make the birthing box for her and then hide it when potential buyers come looking. I have to lock them up in my sewing room while ppl are here....

BTW, thought I would congratulate you on your gorgeous litter-kins. I thought I had posted there, but I just went back and I hadn't. Give them some snuggles for me I've already prewarned hubby that I won't be in the bed with him, i'll be on the floor in the walk in closet with babies

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Yeah she defiantly looks preggers!!

My last mamma cat NEVER got as big as Olive and she had 7 healthy kittens! I don't know where she stored them all haha

My 1 1/2 weeks new preggers cat is slightly pooching, she was REALLY skinny, the vet blood tested her to confirm though, she's due June 10th (ish)
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She looks Preg to me. My Meeko never showed but I could tell she was Preg. Her Nipples got Red. Coco was huge and you would see her get kicked hard. This is almost 6 years ago now.
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Thanks everyone! I am pretty sure she is pregnant too, but you know how you second guess yourself sometimes? I am more confident now, thanks to everyone who's posted. It's like one day she's showing, the next not so much, etc.

I can't wait for babies, I just adore them. I know when my devon rex gets pregnant there will be no room for guessing there; she is like a tube. I'll post a picture to show in a bit. You'll see what I mean

You guys are awesome, thanks again for your help

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Are you a breeder? You may be able to get some good advice on our Breeder's forum.
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I am planning on breeding, yes. My Bonnie is almost 10 months old as well as Bob. This is day 2 after getting Bonnie, was love at first sight

Bob has acquired some of his wavy coat and it's somewhat patchy (it is supposed to take 18 months to get a full coat from what I read), but Bonnie still has extremely short and soft hair. Her longest hair is less than eyebrow hair. She is so beautiful, words can't describe her and her personality
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I'm gonna disagree and say she is NOT pregnant. I've had females that only had 1-2 kittens and still had pink nipples full of milk.

If you think she is due in 2 1/2 weeks, keep watch on the back two nipples (closest to her tail) - they will fill with milk and be the biggest first. If it doesn't happen in another week, I'm saying she is NOT pregnant.
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Olive's nipples were a light pink color until delivery. Well you can see that throughout the pictures I posted.
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Lily's got a couple nipples that seem full, almost like how a fat cat feels in that lower abdomen part. We just thought she could be fattening up down there, but maybe not? See, this is how confusing this is to me, one day I think she is and then it's doubtful again LOL. You'd think that this was my first time, and it's not. I don't think with any other litter of kittens I've had that I even paid attention to the boobies.

I guess only time will tell....sigh.

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Err on the safe side and keep her confined with a kitten box. Let us know in another week how she's doing. I'm still saying no
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Err on the safe side and keep her confined with a kitten box. Let us know in another week how she's doing. I'm still saying no
Your saying no with those bright pink nipples and swollen belly?
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I've been trying all day to get a picture of her in different positions, but she's not workin' with me! I'm gonna try again right away, and then post.

It's funny because I know how petite she was before and then you see the sides bulge out, it just can't be fat. She hasn't been in heat either, and like I said before, she was regular with her heats.

Will post more pics shortly

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does she have milk?
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She looks like my Meeko did and even the Vet wassnt sure with her. She just had Yoshi the Cat I lost last year at age 5. I did feel him kicking a wek before he was born. Meeko is fatter now then when she was Preg. she never even showed. My Vet wasnt even sure if she was Preg. Only sign was her Nipples.
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Yep Lindsey. I don't think she's pregnant. If there are no kittens in the next 2-3 weeks, then she has a false pregnancy - its uncommon but does happen. Reason I'm thinking its a false one is that the nipples are not the normal way in a pregnant cat. Symptoms are there, but not really.

Only other way is to get her x-rayed to see if she really has any kittens.
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That was my next option--going to the vet. I am gonna wait a few more days to see what develops, but its definitely an option. Because there isn't anything emergent about the situation, I didn't want to stress her out too much. I also kinda have to wait a few days because we're getting a foot of snow this weekend, and my vehicle isn't a 4x4...hubby's is LOL.
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I forget - what day did you think she got pregnant? That might help some. There have been several cats on the board here that had false pregnancies recently, it's amazing how realistic it is. She's getting high quality kitten food, I hope?
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The date is approximate only because I know when she went out of heat, it was the day before we went to Jamaica...so Feb 28th she was finished her heat. I looked at the feline preg. calendar and it approximated birth at May 2nd.

Ugh, I still can't get her into a good position for a different picture. I am going to keep trying though. At any rate, if she doesn't get any bigger in the upcoming few days, I'll phone my vet and get an appt.
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ok, here's a couple pictures I just got. Any better?

Better nipple picture, those back two closest to her hind legs feel full to me.

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She looks like Sophie did at that stage.
Here was Sophie about 7.5 weeks. Notice her light pink nipples and this was when she first started showing. She also had light pink nipples.
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Thanks Lindsay! You know, I couldn't even tell you what color they normally are because I didn't really look. However, I CAN say that you couldn't see or feel them like you can now.

Our winter storm has started now, and I was thinking of calling the mobile vet to come and see her, but if I can't drive well during the storm(gonna last the next couple days), I can't imagine they will be able to either.

I am going to phone the vet tomorrow though and get verbal advice on what they think too, given her symptoms she is showing aren't as pronounced as some others' experiences.

Thanks again Lindsay!!
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Does she have any other symptoms? Does she appear to be eating more? Is she hiding or looking for hiding spots? sleeping under the bed?

My initial opinion was that she did not look pregnant. But we dont have any before picture to compare her to. Her sides dont seem to be bulging like what I call saddlebags. But the fact that you can see her nipples leads me to second guess myself. On a non-pregnant cat, the nipples arent usually visible without digging through their fur.

Usually you can begin to feel kitten movement 2 weeks before delivery. With your estimated due date that is about now. Have you felt any flutters yet? In the beginning, kitten movement isnt obvious and is easily mistaken for gas Feel for movement on her sides as opposed to in her belly area, as they carry their kittens in their horns, and they dont move into the belly area until closer to delivery. In the beginning, a kicking kitten is very faint and might take some patience to feel. But by next week, if she is pregnant, you should begin to SEE them move.

Good luck! and we're here if you have any more questions!
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Let us know what the vet says! It could very well be a false pregnancy. My dog Maggie went through two where she gained belly weight and got in milk. She was finally spayed and it turned out she had ovarian cysts. I have never experienced them in cats though.
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Marian, she is eating alot. That was one of our first clues because she is such a light eater. Now, she just pigs out at every chance she gets. I am going to start her on kitten food tomorrow, as I have a bunch from the vets from when my baldies were littler.

I'm starting to sound like a pervert talking about nipples so much tonight LOL but that's one of the tell-tale signs. Her tummy does bulge on each side when you watch her walk. I don't have many pictures of her before she was pregnant except for some might not work because of her age in the picture. She has always been a very petite cat and always looked thin to me, but because my other siamese are little fatties, anything in comparison is smaller LOL

She doesn't let me rub her stomach too much, it's almost like it's irritating to her. I know it's not painful to her because if it was, she'd cry out. She just moves away like I'm annoying her LOL So suffice to say, I haven't felt much for movement, but she does feel firm in there.

She has hidden under my bed a few times, and has checked out my walk in closet. The box is being made as we speak
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