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oh it's on now.

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All eazy wanted to do was sit and look out the door.
but noooo heyu kept steppng on his tail and trying to bite it.

Eazy turned around and bopped heyu on the head,
this caused heyu to break out with the boxing kung fu flurry that would have made bruce lee proud.
Eazy took it like champ, then jumped on-top of heyu taking her down in the best Greco-Roman wrestling style.

with easy winning, heyu started yelling for help i told heyu
hey you started it.

So heyu seeing she was losing thought racing was much better. so off she goes with eazy right behind. up the staris they go,then down, then with eazy taking the lead, back up they go again.the racers finally made it back down with heyu once again in the lead.

all the time making more noise then 20 mad cows wearing boots could make.

finally heyu jumped on my lap and was hissing at eazy who sat looking up at her making meeping sounds with his tail all puffed up.

so that was my fun before work
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A very nice way to start the day!
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Kitties are so entertaining!! My kitties like to do this type of playing, too! Very fun to watch.

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Boy, you could have made a short film out of it. Now I see why you named Heyu as you did but I don't think Eazy is so easy.
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Good early morning entertainment!
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