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When I was 16 my brother and his girlfriend at the time had a siamese cat that had a litter and there was a runt that looked nothing like the others but he was beautiful he was all white with blue eyes as he got older he started to get his brown spots a little but was still different after my mom passed we moved into an apartment where there were no cats allowed so I had to give him back I was heart broken but knew he would be ok at his original owners place One weekend she went out of town and when she got back either he got out or someone took him out of her apt and he was gone never to be found again I miss him forever his name was Snowball
One day while walking to our apt from our parking spot 4 blocks away (parking sucked at our old apt) a cat meowed and we stopped to pet her and she ended up following us home the whole 4 blocks and we have had her ever since her name is Smokey.....
I was given a kitten to keep Smokey company cause she looked sad and lonely and I thought she could use a friend the same day she was given to us she died in my hands and I was devastated... Her name was Lucky
The person that gave her to me said she was apparently to young to be away from her mom even though the vet said she was in perfect health..
She felt so bad she gave me another kitten not to replace her but to hopefully cheer me up although it took a while and I wasnt sure about it it eventually worked Her name is Angel
I tried to find a home for an orange tabby that came to our door crying . He apparently at one point some how broke his back leg and it fused back backwards I asked a vet and they said it seems like he is no pain because of it and amputation wasnt necessary. Because of his mis shaped leg I was unable to find him a home forcing me to keep him although I knew I really wasnt supposed to have any cats let alone the one I had other than him and himself .....
We ended up keeping him and his name is Peaches
So we moved from one county to another and ended up moving into a 3 bedroom house with my brother his wife and his dog which we adopted as our own aswell Her name is Tasha
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Hi! I enjoyed reading about your pets!
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Sounds like a wonderfull family!! My MIL once gave me a kitten to "help her take care of" and it died the same day also! Like she knew it was going to die, and she couldn't stand to be heartbroken so she gave it to me and let me be heartbroken... poor thing!

Welcome to TCS!!
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I wasnt sure if I should post all that or if it was boring personal crap but I appreciate you guys responding and I am glad that you guys read and enjoyed it
the names that are bold are the pets I still have Smokey Peaches Angel And Tasha
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I liked your stories too
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