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fiber percentage in dry food

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What is an appropriate range of fiber % in dry cat foods??? I commonly
see 3-4%,but in the hairball formula I have seen up to 8.5%. Is that too
high a %? and if so, why?
Thanks in advance....
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I really don't know if there is a too high or just right, so I'll leave that to someone who does....but.... I've got Zoe on a mix of dry with the most of the mix being hairball formula because she had poops that were not firm and left her messy (sorry tmi) until I changed to the higher fiber. So I guess it probably just depends on the cat....
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Well,thats what I was wondering....if extra fiber firmed up or loosened
poo. I want to firm it up if possible,but not constipate her
Anyone else?
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Many light or hairball formulas will have 4-6% fiber in a dry ...

too high depend s on the fiber used and the cat ... most seem a okay with up to 6
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Well,I saw that SD has one up to 10%,but the one I am looking at is 8.5%.
It has chicken,rice,corn grits,beet pulp,cellulose,etc....is any of this a fiber
item? Is it good/bad?
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Constipation is just early part of a disease called megacolon, and early in the disease, increasing fiber can be very helpful. It firms up the stool by increasing bulk BUT it also retains just enough water to help the stool from becoming so firm that it cannot pass.

By controlling the constipation early you can prevent the colon from becoming distended, which further decreases its function, allowing stool to be retained longer and become firmer and harder to pass... it becomes a vicious cycle.

Some cats will do better on a low fiber "low residue" diet, and others will do better on the bulkier high fiber diets. There is no magic percentage of fiber that works best...
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