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Natural or Holistic Pain relief

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This seems to come up alot ...

What pain relief herbs , supplements or holistic treatments can be used on cats safely??

I ask since my dogs are on poppy and trixsyn and ligaplex... I know trixsyn is fine for cats but would like the more fast acting pain reliefs
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Sounds like you already know that there are no pharmaceuticals suitable for long-term use in cats.

It would depend a lot on the type of pain and where it is, for other potential treatments. For instance, there are lots of options for arthritis, but few for tummy or tooth pain because the innervation is different.

In general, "natural" is fairly synonymous with "slow." The point of holistic therapy is that it works with the body in a more natural way, so changes occur slowly and not at the touch of a button or the swallowing of a pill. There are a few exceptions; homeopathy and flower essences as first aid for acute injuries, for example.
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YES ... I did know the long term RX ...

Around here commonly arthritis pain is asked about ... I would be very intrested in first aid options since I am trying to put together a "natural " first aid kit ...
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