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Tuesday DT

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I have two words....SNOW DAY!!!!

The rain turned to snow last night just before 11:00 p.m. By 7:00 this morning we have about 10 inches at my house with no signs of stopping anytime soon. We're supposed to get another foot or more today, so I will probably have another snow day tomorrow!

Here's a pic we just took:

I know other parts of the country have had worse storms this year, but we haven't had a BIG snow like this since 1997. So much for the idea that Colorado is always snowy!
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EWwwww. I don't think were going to get getting anymore of that! It's been in the 50's and 60's all week so far
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Heidi, that looks beautiful!! However having to live with snow like that is a different matter . . .

Here is is about 15 degrees C and sunny. My magnolia is about to burst into flower, and baby leaves are beginning to appear on shrubs in the garden. Daffodils have been out for a couple of weeks now, and having cut the grass on Saturday, there is a lovely spring-like smell outside.

Just received news that my step-son's fiancee has been rushed into hospital with suspected apendicitis. He is due to come over here to park his car, as the parking charges at the hospital are criminally high. Fancy charging such high amounts when people are visiting sick relatives and are worried enough as it is.

Hope all's well in TCS-land!!
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I remember not too long ago you were wishing for snow! Guess what, it's a little late but you got your wish!!!

I am so relieved that we are forcasting rain for the end of the week. Nothing like a spring shower to help melt away all that icky dirty snowpiles from winter past!

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Its chilly and rainy again today. It rained most of the night and off and on, this morning. Of course, Ike and Pearl are playing in the rain and the mud.

Not much going on today - library and cigarette store. I'd rather not have to go out but I can't do without books and cigarettes.
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I need some board magic,Ted has a job interview Tuesday!All fingers crossed please!It is only 48* today,but no snow or rain,I will take it!
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Positive energy coming to Ted for that job interview! Hope it goes well.

It is pretty, from the inside looking out. It's snowing and blowing so hard that we figure we'll have to go out and sweep off the satellite about every couple hours. It's actually supposed to snow harder this afternoon! Kass, we are actually loving all this snow. It will at least put a bit of a dent in the drought. Missing a couple days of work is worth that. BTW, that pic isn't fuzzy and out of focus. It's just snowing that hard that we can hardly see across the street!
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Heidi, I gripe about the rain but, at least I don't have to shovel it! Once it dries out, though I WILL have to sweep muddy pawprints off of the patio. Gotta go pop my Celebrex or my fingers will be too stiff to type!
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almost missed this thread!
its been raining on and off the last few days, and the grass is looking lovely and green - its about time i say because of the drought in recent years.
i have to get some boxes - where can i find them? can you get them free from the supermarket here? and then i can start packing, yippee! i cant wait to get out of this infernal town!
doing the laundry, oh what fun
hope everyone has a great day, i think im going to play a game!
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Yola, I hope your step-son's fiance gets better soon! Let us know how she's doing.

Heidi - your street looks magical! Thanks for sharing that picture.

Sherral - good to see you here again Sending positive thoughts for Ted.

I'm too agitated to do too much work - so you get to suffer me here more :tounge2: Going out now for groceries now - nylons, batteries, musking tape :tounge2:
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Please do not bring snow here in Syr NY. I have enough with snow. I am sooo happy that last sunday was the warmest weather I ever had. Today it is cloudy and warm enough about 50 degrees. I can't complain too much.

I am at work and have a large amount of works to do. I am not supposed to be here but i did..

have a great day to everyone.
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Hi. Well my 2 hr commute to work was actually really good today so I can't complain. Weather is beautiful here in San Francisco and also down in Monterey (my new home).

I get to pick up my new eye glasses today. I'm new to glasses and I barely wear them even though I should. A woman at the dr's office convinced me to get these colored lenses that automatically change to shaded when you go outside in the sun. Transcriptions I think they're called. It seems pretty neat.

Kellye, the supermarket usually has boxes they'll give you for free - but once a day they compact them and so you need to find out when is the best time of day to stop by. I prefer to go to liquor stores for boxes - it's harder to find a store that will give you some, but when you do they are so strong and perfect for packing.
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ick -------snow! But, looks beautiful when it's not in my driveway!!!!! We've just been through weeks of snow.

Spring is in the air here! Wooohooo!

Just stopped in for a moment. I feel like I've been neglecting everyone here. (((HUGS))) to all. I shall be back full force in no time at all!

Wishing you all a great day.

My thoughts are with everyone. I have not been posting much.....just trying to read all the threads!

sherral.....fingers crossed for Ted!

kellye, definately the supermarket.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
i have to get some boxes - where can i find them? can you get them free from the supermarket here? and then i can start packing, yippee!
You can get them at the supermarket or if you have a liquor store in town, they have really good heavy duty boxes. Also pet stores have heavy duty boxes and you can ask when they have their recylcing day and pick them up then!

When do you get to move into your new place?? I'm so excited for you, if you were closer I'd come over and help you pack!!

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*shoot* kass has passed me!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*
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What a blechhy day. They are tarring the roof of the new Health Museum across the street, and the smell of tar has been unbearable in our building since Saturday. I'm going home with a headache every night.

The weather is still holding on, although they are calling for snow this weekend. We are 7 inches short of the all-time record, and I sorta think it would be nice to break it. At least with the warm weather we've had the past few days, all of the big piles of snow from the winter have finally melted.

Have a good day everyone!
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sherral - good job vibes coming your way for ted.

kellye - i was fortunate in that i worked for a company with an apple orchard and they gave me a bunch of great boxes. good luck!

back to work today. i almost called in late so i could skip the morning meeting and sneak in and work at my desk, but decided that would be silly.

hope everyone is having a good day.
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WOW, Heidi... nice pic!

Weather here in Sunset district of San Francisco is about 60 and sunny.

Dow Jones is up about 14 , and Nasdaq is trading flat. i am watching Charlie Rose doing interviews about the war, etc, and they are talking about EBombs and such.. sigh!

Cheers, and have a good day, all!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
*shoot* kass has passed me!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*
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Had a crappy day... but am going to a Hurricanes (hockey) game in 2 hours! Whoohoo! Hopefully, Willie will let me sleep tonight... I came home later than usual last night and he was racing all over the house and playing "attack the feet" in the wee hours of the morning. Then again, my ex, who he likes (Traitor!) was over and asked to sleep on the couch. I never should have let him in the house!
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