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FYI for everyone here....

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All of the snow has FINALLY melted out of the Target parking lot where I shop.

Winter was that bad.

I'm doing my happy Spring dance.
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Wooo, Happy Happy Joy Joy. I can't even remember the day all our snow was finally gone.
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We still have little bits here and there especially in the wooded areas but our's is almost gone as well.

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It's kinda cold here today, only 74
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
It's kinda cold here today, only 74
I was trying to find a smilie that stuck it's tongue out at people, but I don't think we have one. I've settled on the one with and afro, because... well... I like it.

Take THAT!
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What about this?
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
What about this?
Oh... that works too. I like Afro guy better though.
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Its 85 here but will get to the 30's again for the Lows.
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Oh winter, winter, winter. It sure dug it's heels in and stuck around this year. And to think there are places where they're still getting snow!!!!
I pass little patches of snow still here and there, but the temperatures have been lovely this week, so I think it's safe to say that Spring has definitely sprung. Yay! Brave little flowers are popping up everywhere.
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The place my husband works still has a snow pile in their parking lot and a Menards I drove by still had quite a snowbank. I stopped in at a nursery yesterday and the owner said the shadehouse area ground is still frozen!!
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Spring has finally sprung here in southeast Michigan. The forsythia are blooming... that's my sign that the weather has turned. It's going to be 75 and sunny here today. Whoohoooooo!!!!
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My hibiscus and jasmine are blooming, though by Saturday, they'll reach the upper limit of their tolerance and I'll be watering them 2-3 times a day.

Well, they are in their second round of blooming.
I'll get pics as soon as the new buds open.

And yeah, love the afro-smilie.
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It's been annoying here too. I've had to put sunscreen on 5 days in the last week because it's been so sunny and warm.
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