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Wounded paw

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My baby has a wounded and infected paw, probably because he scratched a sharp object and got cut. The vet prescribed antibiotics, which cleared up the infection nicely. However, the cut has not healed. The vet wants him to wear a collar to prevent him from licking himself, but he has always managed to get the collar off. This may have slowed his healing. Any suggestions? Would it be better to bandage his paw since he doesn't wear the collar well?
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you could try putting a baby sock on him... you'd have to basically 'tape' it on, or he'll get that off, too.
when cats are declawed, some vets use a tape-type wrapping instead of stitches. it's sorta elastic, sticky back stuff, but not as sticky as regular tape.
found some online so you can see what i mean!
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There are a couple of alternatives out there for you.

You could try a harness, attaching the ecollar to it. Not my favorite idea.

There is a soft collar, think turtleneck in shape, that prevents cats and dogs from being able to bend their necks. It's lightweight and supposed to be easier for them to tolerate. I can't think of the name of it though.

Best Buddy makes a sock-like apparatus with a strap that goes around the pet to hold it in place.

Good luck.
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