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Good bad news

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Little Momma, the mother-puppy that we've been socializing, has a microchip. She has been missing since her family took a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park in November. Their little boy got out of the car to look at a deer lounging outside the cabins at Park headquarters, and left the car door open. They took some pictures and went back, and she was gone.

They stayed in contact with the shelters in Warren and Barren counties until January, then apparently gave up. They only live about 250 miles away, and they are coming to get her this weekend, so she stayed at the shelter to wait for her family.

Thats two cute microchipped doggies that have wandered in. I'm glad she's going home, but she is sooooo cute
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What a wonderful story!!!! Thank goodness the family is going to be reunited!!!
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That is good news!! although.. I bet your sad she has to go. Well at least you know she has a family now!!
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Well, well done on looking after her so well in the meantime. I'm sure her family really appreciated that.
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Oh my!! What a great story!!! I bet that family gave up all hope!! This needs to be on tv now lol...
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