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Useless point but i am sooo curious!!

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I live in NY. I ve seen a lot of cats outside around in my neighborhood or mostly northeastern *states* that i ve seen cats too.
I just realize that I visited down to see my parents in Florida. They live in Beverly Hills, Fl between two hours away from Orlando and Tampa. They are in middle of that area. But I also visited my friends who lives in Miami. I realized that I NEVER SAW ANY CATS outside anywhere in Miami or Bevery Hills Fl.. Am i blind?? I am curious, do cats like outside where it is TOO HOT and TOO HUMID with full SUNNY?

Sorry if it's a silly question. But i am dying to know! Because one day, we d like to move down to FLorida when we get older. we would have cats with us there too.

It's for my own curiousity!!
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I'm up here in the Northeast, and to be honest there aren't many outdoor cats where I am. I hardly ever see any outside, which is a good thing! Indoor ones are happier, healthier, and safer overall.
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I do agree with you about having cats inside the house and be healthy. I am sure that others have reasons to allow cats outside. Lots of cats like to sit outside in front of the their houses. Or some cats like to mess up others house's gardens or whatever. In my area, I have to be careful driving on the way to home and i always see cats walk across the street. :ugh: I do consider cats and children are so alike therefore i have to drive so slow in my neighborhood anyway. Squarres are included.

you are lucky to live where cats are not around that much which is safer for you to drive. It is annoying for me to see cats outside. KWIM...
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i'm from PA and we have a TON of cats outside here, but mostly because they're strays.. Most people who own cats keep them inside.
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Cat's aren't dumb they aren't going to prancing around the parking lot when it's in the middle of sweltering heat as such down in FL, and they don't want to be playing around when their's a cold spell or a blizzard going on.

When we moved here in the late fall we saw a lot of cats out, very few of this winter, I'm sure we will be seeing more outside with in a couple more weeks. A lot of people let their cats out in this area, which is a shame, cause we live near a major road where traffic goes 55+mph. Though I'm sure most owners either don't care, or they think "bah, my cat doesn't go that far, they stick around the door way." Which I have seen just about all the cats walking up by that road at least once a or twice, part of me wants to drive up on the road, pull over, hop out and run screaming at the animal to scare them away in the other direction (I have actually done this before, mostly to stupid birds in the middle of the road.)
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