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Rent or Buy - gowns/tux

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Our son is getting married in August I decided what color I want to wear and am looking on Ebay for a nice gown in the style/color I like. So far I've picked out 4 and we passed on 2 of them (one bid went over our price). Got another one coming up this weekend that ends, so hopefully that will be the one.

How many of you would rather go buy "new" gown for a prom or wedding rather then get a "used" one that is only worn once. The savings are worthwhile if you've ever considered doing this.

I figure that when I'm done, if I don't want to keep it, I'll put it back up on ebay and sell it to someone else. Anyone else do this?

And DH is considering to get a tux this way too (ebay) and keep it - we have 4 boys so he'll use his more anyway.
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I like to try things on before I buy them, as I have wide hips and a more narow waist, so I have trouble finding things that fit me. I think for a guy, it's better to either buy one nice suit, or just hire one as needed. Guys can usually easily find a suit without having to try it on, and they can easily have it adjusted as needed.

If you know what style suits you, then why pay full price?

I bought my wedding dress, and now I don't know what to do wth it. It's currently wrapped up in an archive box in storage. I loved my dress and I can't bear to sell it, but it seems silly to keep it in storage.
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i love all my dresses and was distraught that my mum allowed her "model"
too wear them for her photography :o
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What I'm doing since I can't try them on, is getting a size or two larger then I normally wear and will have someone alter it for me closer to the wedding. I know I can't get into those styles that fit really well (used to before having a baby) So looking for something that is wider in the hip area to look better
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We have quite a few resale shops in our area that carry designer clothing. Some of it even has the original tags on it. One advantage to living near the metroplex.
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I would prefer buying it new..I know it doesn't make much sense but I feel weird about wearing used clothing.
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If I could find something that had been worn once, and in excellent condition, I'd have absolutely no problem buying it. I'm not sure I'd go the e-Bay way (although I have purchased clothing there) for a formal gown. I'd probably hit the consignment shops or resale shops, so I could inspect the gown and try it on to see if it fit, or if it would fit with alterations. I really would have a hard time paying the big dollars for something that I would only wear once. Good luck!
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I have to buy new! If I can't try it on I can gurentee its not going to fit! With my prom dress I had to buy a size 16 for my boobs to fit, have the top let out to give the girls some room to breath but still fit nicely, and have the rest of it altered to a size 8! So now its sitting in my closet, and no one will ever be able to wear it probably because Im little everywhere except for on top! If I could find a good used dress that was in good shape and I could try on I would definatly buy it. But on e-bay you never know! Different brands have different size settings, so in one brand you might wear a 8 and in another you might wear a 15! Especially with all the "vanity sizings" now days!
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I've bought a couple of clothing items off ebay, one was a cocktail dress I used for a "bunny" costume for halloween and that worked out really well, but for a big event like prom or a wedding I don't think I'd be comfortable doing that... I really have to try stuff on first before feeling comfortable buying it - especially since sizes don't seem to be consistant anymore - I can pick up a pair of jeans in my "normal" size, try them on and end up having to buy either 2 sizes bigger or smaller that actually fit... but getting it bigger and having it altered sounds like a great plan! I just don't have luck with styles either without trying on first... I still have both my dresses from prom and I don't think I could ever give them up... heck I still have my artistic skating costume that I wore the one time I made it to nationals and I was 12 when I wore it haha (generally in the artistic skating community, outfits get worn for a season and resold to other skaters at competitions... this one was the first I had custom made and didn't sell)
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I bought my wedding dress off ebay and i am greately dissapointed, he said he had sent it out and it never arrived, I am still waiting for my money to be reinbursed.

i am so upset its the only time ive ever had a problem with ebay.

I could never hire a wedding dress, but i would hire for a fancy dress party ect if i didnt have the money to buy new
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I have found some gorgeous dresses at consignment stores. The dresses are used, but they are clean and in excellent condition. In fact I've sold some of my dresses via consignment stores. These types of stores are great because you go in and shop just like any other department store and can try on things before you buy.

Why go and spend $300 on a dress when you can get it used for less than 1/2 of that?

So far as a tuxedo goes... definitely rent. It's not likely to be worn again, and by the time another occasion comes around where he would need one, he's probably outgrown it. Cheaper in the long run to just rent.
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In Atlanta, Ga, because it's a high traffic fashion area, the consignment shops are to DIE for! I'm telling you, you can find stuff that has a very high end label that is REALLY inexpensive. When ever I'm in that area I always hit them up.

I have no issues wearing used clothing. I also have no issues getting an enormous bargain on a designer dress that was only worn once to a tea party.
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Some of the dresses have measurements with them so its not so bad to judge that way. I'll let you guys know what happens when I get it. The one I'm looking at now (if no one bids) will be less then $25 with the shipping And its a brand name one too (not that I care).

DH will need a tux more then once, so he feels that its better to just buy one - most rentals are about the same price as buying one. We found a really great outlet store on ebay that has nice tuxes. He's gonna get one after I pick out my gown and win it.

The tux is complete (jacket, pants, shirt, tie and cumberbund) for about $100.
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