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Hello there and thank you for taking the time to answer questions on here!!!

My cat Neville has osteogenesis imperfecta. Since its rare, I dont know if you have had previous expiriance with with it, but I thought it was worth a shot...

Neville is now 4 years old and has fractured his left tib/fib once, right tib/fib twice, right ulna once, tail, and calcaneous. I currently give him cosequin and vitimin c as supplements. Is thier anything else I can give him to try and help his bones. (Even just a little...) I also have his digital xrays in case you would like to have a look at them.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to answer everyones questions!
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I'd really recommend that you consult a holistic vet; probably one that does homeopathy or homotoxicology. This is a very complex issue, one that needs close monitoring. Just giving supplements isn't going to cut it. You can find someone near you at www.holisticvetlist.com. I recommend Drs. Don Hamilton, Susan Beal, Glen Dupree, and Bert Brooks; I believe they will all do phone consultations. Dr. Brooks doesn't do homeopathy but he is a very talented healer and his methods are unique but great!
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