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Need Some TCS vbes

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I need some of the famous TCS vibes for two feral Moms and their litter of 9 kittens.

A friend of mine found and has been caring for them in her backyard. The cat rescuser I got my girls from helped her get one of the Moms (she is partially blind) and the kittens trapped and inside but now 2 of the kittens have URI and might not live and the other Mom hasn't been caught.

Please send vibes all the kittens make it and the other Mom is caught and reunited with her babies.
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Good luck!

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Vibes on their way! I hope everything turns out ok!
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Sending that famous TCS "board magic" (aka prayers and/or vibes) out to your feral kitties vibes:
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As usual TCS vibes are working their magic. The two kittens not only survived the night, they are much better.

They haven't caught the other Mom yet so keep them vibes coming.
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Sending vibes your way!!
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A quick update. All 9 kittens are doing well. The 2nd Momma Cat still hasn't been trapped. The 1st Momma Cat who is partially blind is feeding all the kittens and adjusting well to being inside. My friend who found them will be keeping her and has named her Ms. Magoo.
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Awwwww good luck!!
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Best of luck with your kittens!
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Best of luck with everything! I love that she named the cat Ms. Magoo!
Good luck trapping the other mama!

Keep us posted...
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Sending lots of and prayers!
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Thanks for all the vibes. They are doing much better now, I'm going to see them over the weekend I'll try and post pictures.

The other Mama is still around, just scared and too smart to go into the trap. When the kittens are better they maybe used as bait for her.
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