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More of Miss Juno

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Juno is getting bigger already, she's 3 1/2 pounds now (she was 1 1/2 pounds when we brought her home).

This is how Miss Juno is most of the time. Please excuse the awfulness of myself, and focus on the cuteness that is the puppy, LOL.

"Iz sleepy, goodnight" (this basket I actually bought for the kitties, but Juno loves to sleep in it when she's not on my lap... so, not very often, haha. And the moose toy she's got her head on, she dragged that across the room and put it in her basket and then curled up for a nap.)

"Grrrrr, my toy"


"Pleeeeaaaaase pick me up?"

"Iz be cute, you pick me up, yes?"

Tormenting the kitty... despite the look on the Rufus's face, he really does like playing with Juno, LOL.

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awww she is so cute! I love how she is smaller than your kitten. lol
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I never get tired of seeing your little angel. I love her name & that is the cutest face I have ever seen!! keep those pictures coming
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You know, if you keep posting that Cutest Pup in the World, you will have ALL of us wanting a clone of her!

If you ever need a puppy sitter and are traveling in MN, drop her off at our house
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Oh my goodness!!!! A puppy and a kitten playing!

Great pictures!!!!!
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She is so little!!! And oh so precious!!!
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OHMIGOSH! I echo everyone in saying that has got to be the cutest puppy ever!!!

I didn't realize she was so teeny!!!

Yeah.....if you're ever in NYC and want a puppy sitter while you're walking around sight-seeing, I'm up for the job!
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shes adorable, i can imagine her dragging the moose toy.. our little boy used too have a toy the sam size as him, i cant imagine him ever being that small!
juno is the cutest tho
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