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some advice please

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My smokie is due to have her kittens any day now, she is getting very irritable now, then again the size of her i would be as well,
She has lost a lot of weight in her back and you can feel all her back bone, the thing is she's eating loads, is there anything i can do to help her put weight back on after she has the kittens?
we have interfering neighbours who will just think im neglecting her but im not,

thank you for taking the time to read this
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Be sure she is on a high quality KITTEN food. She should be on that about 2-3 weeks before due and continued after as long as she's nursing the kittens. And I'd keep her confined to one room with a birth box so everything is ready and she doesn't have them in a place you cannot get to.
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She should have access to food 24 hours a day while pregnant. I always add wet food to the diets of my foster moms. Also... you might consider changing her dry food over to kitten food as it is higher in calories.

After she delivers the kittens her appetite will increase even more while nursing. These tips will help. I hope she delivers a happy healthy litter, keep us posted!
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thanks, i didnt think of kitten food, i will go and get some now for her
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No problem. The most recent foster I've brought in was pretty battered and skinny. It was obvious she was out on her own before she was brought to the shelter. But after a week on a kitten food diet supplemented with canned food, I can already tell the difference in her!

It's funny though, as skinny as she is, I thought she would be famished and eat more than she actually does. But no... she must just be a petite girl by nature.

Anyway, good luck with your girl and keep us posted!
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