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Carpet cleaning?

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Just wondering if those if you with wall to wall carpets have them professionally cleaned, if you found it to be worth the money and were happy with the results. I have light beige carpeting throughout my apt. that was installed about 3 1/2 years ago (when I only had two cats!) I clean it periodically with my Bissell Pro-Heat, and it looks pretty good, but am wondering about it having it professionally cleaned. Just not sure it's worth the money and have heard mixed reviews from family and friends.

Actually, I'd love to tear it all out eventually because there are beautiful random-pegged hardwood floors underneath, but my downstairs neighbor wants the place to be carpeted because of the noise.

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I use Servpro & they do a fantastic job. I have three big dogs & they really do a number on my carpets. What I really like is that they put down the cleaning agents first with a pump up sprayer, let it sit for a few minutes and then come back with clean water only thru the steam lines. This gets all of the soap out of your carpet. If the carpet cleaner doesn't get all the soap out, then the dirt sticks to that soap & carpets look worse than when you started.

Just so you know I used to be a partner in the Servpro in our area, (Ex & I) but I really believe in the way they clean carpets. I would never use Stanley Steamer, or one of these companies that advertise for some realy low price. The ones that advertise ridiculously (sp) low prices are usually the bait & switch type, quote one price, then when the tech gets there they tell you "oh you need the deep cleaning method" and jack the price up to what ou would have paid or more.

Also, I don't like "drycleaning" idea either. They put these chemicals in your carpet, how do they get it all out?

Good Luck & I hope my long rant helped.
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My mom used to have it done every year at her house (she has hardwood now) and I believe she must have been pleased with the results since she kept getting it done I believe she used Stanley Steamer
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I would only do it once in a great while or if the pets have thrown up one too many times. If you will be moving soon, then get it done. If you will be replacing it soon, don't bother.

We plan on replacing our brown carpet that is in the living room-dining room, so we will not so anything to it other then normal vacuuming.
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A few years ago, we bought my mom a vacuum style carpet cleaner (don't know the make/brand off hand)... when I rented an apartment in college, one of the move-out rules was you had to schedule an appointment for the steam cleaner guy to come or you could do it yourself, the landlord would check it out and if it wasn't good enough he'd take the steam cleaning fee out of your deposit... well my mom brought up her steam cleaner and we did it and the landlord said it looked better than when stanley steamer does it! I actually just used it on my bedroom carpets (think beach sand colored) because the cat puked his red kibble up (after eating too fast and running around) and the spray on resolve stuff didn't take care of the problem... they came up great
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We did it at our last apartment--required after move out in our lease. It worked well for cleaning between tenants. While we lived there, we just cleaned with our upright carpet cleaner. We just let the management choose who would do it, and they took the money out of our refunds.
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Check with your apartment complex, because they may be able to give you the name of a company and you can get a discount. Then take that name to the BBB and get it checked out.
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There is a reason we have stained concrete downstairs and wood floors carpets to clean.
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We use Stanley Steemer, and we have cream rugs in several rooms of the house and up the staircase (not my choice) I am pleased with the job they do
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