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Big Fish (2003)

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Big Fish (2003)

I swear I'm not watching all Tim Burton movies on purpose, but this one just happened to be the next movie that came on Netflix.

Apparently Big Fish was Burton's reaction to the criticism that he couldn't tell a story. Now, I don't know what these critics were watching, because I've seen most of his past movies and they tell amazing tales. Edward Scissorhands, Batman, and The Nightmare Before Christmas aren't French New Wave films with no plot and just pretty camera shots. They are solid stories from beginning, middle to end.

Based on the book: Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions Burton takes us on a ride through a man's life. However, Edward Bloom has a unique way of telling a story. Nothing is ever straight forward, and most of it isn't real. His son, Will is put off by this, and decides to seek out the "truth" so he can confront his father before he dies.

Over all this is a really solid work, but it's a far more emotional piece than we've ever seen out of Burton before. Seeing as the main focus of the film is the death of the a father and Burton's father died prior to the film being made it makes sense. Go and rent this one. You won't be disappointed at all. If you have kids I think this is decent for 9 and up. There's some swearing and adult themes, but over all the story is well worth it.
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I adored this movie and I'm wondering why I haven't bought it yet.
I laughed, and I cried, it was very beautifully done.
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It took a few tries but this movie really grew on me.
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I saw it when it first came out and found it really depressing. I watched it right after my grandfather died, though... It was done well, though.
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Beautiful movie. I love the overlap of storytelling and real life. I watched it after my father passed away and got all choked up . Also, I'm a sucker for Ewan McGregor
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