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I am Anne and I'm a 27 Korean gal that currently lives in Florida with my fiance Dan and our 3 cats Faline, Simba and Nala. They each have their own cat page. I don't have any kids yet but I hope to have one in the near future.
My cats are my pride and joy and my fiance and I can't imagine a day without their cute little personality and faces.
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I think you'll fit right in here.
Have any Cat Pics?

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Welcome to the site! I love the name Nala.
I'm Angel, and I've got my gang of 3 cats, 1 ferret, 1 bird, and 1 skid kid.

Yes please post pictures if you have them!
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hello and welcome to a wonderful site!

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Welcome to the site Anne! Sounds like you have a happy furry and human family there in sunny Florida!

I'm going to move this to New Cats on the Block where we can give you the formal Cat Site Welcome.
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Welcome! You will find this site addicting!

And I will add myself to the list of people clamoring for pictures!
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Hi Anne! Just wanted to welcome you.

Did someone say pictures???
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hi and welcome LouBelia

hope to see you around the site
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Hello and welcome, Loubelia!

i hope you will enjoy this site as much as i do!

i would have welcomed here much earlier in the day, but my hubby and i just came home, and we were out all day...

i have two kitties, Venus and Daisy and also seven backyard kitties that are all very adorable (feral kitties.)

Do check out even the past forums.. i am learning a lot just by reading feedback from everybody, and this is the best site for kitty care!!

i was born in Singapore, and am married with no kids, and two kitties.


:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

From another newbie! :blossom:
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Hello there Anne and welcome to a very friendly site.

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Hi, I'm Cindy and I have two cats - Opie and Rowdy, two dogs - Ike and Pearl and an S/O - Bill.

My two sons, Richard and Mark are grown. Mark is married to Samantha and they're expecting twin girls, in May.

Welcome, to this nut/cathouse!
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hello and welcome! hope you have a great time on this site!
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