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wet duvet, fed up son.

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it was my son's 17th birthday yesterday and we had some friends and family over. shinobi, who hates strangers, took himself upstairs in my bedroom where i put a litter box and food. as soon as the last person left, he was back downstairs to run off all that pent up energy with milo so all was fine.

got up this morning and found my son's duvet dumped outside his bedroom door. asked him what happened and he said when he went to get into bed, there was a big wet patch. he reckoned the culprit was shinobi. oops!

my daughter said how come shinobi didn't go on my bed, and i said possibly cos he sleeps there but also cos my son's room is such a mess he probably thought he'd get away with it! plus the fact it was my son's fault there were strangers in the house so maybe shinobi was making a point!

so fortunately it's a sunny, windy day here. duvet is in the washing machine and son is in a mood.
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My son is into photography and collectibles. He had set up one of his toy collectibles to be photographed. He left the room for less than 1 minute and unfortunately Ichi managed to knock the whole thing down, breaking the toy also. I thought Ichi was going to really get it bad, but my son only shook his head, shouted at Ichi and took pictures of another item. My family is used to all the mischief my cats do.
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oh no! funny how these cats know when there is something new to investigate.

i must admit that my son soon forgave shinobi, far quicker than if his sister did anything wrong!
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Our Bob did that to my new duvet and I was NOT impressed. He has this thing for slippery material. He will pee on sheer material, slippery jackets left on the floor (my daughter does this all the time) and then our new duvet that had this cover on it that was a really high thread count, so it was very slick.

Needless to say, I have to watch what kind of things are left laying around as well as what's put on the beds. He doesn't do it to anything else but slippery material...go figure

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Oh the little devil
Sounds like he got in a strop and decided to vent his wrath!

Speaking of vindictive little 'accidents', Oscar got caught short one day - we'd left his tray outside to dry after cleaning and forgotten to replace it, so it was entirely our own fault. Anyway we went out for an hour or so, came back and found a mess in the world's most awkward place. He'd poo'd behind the fish tank. The fish tank that is against a wall, full of water and fish, impossible to lift. Damn that was awful! We learnt our lesson quickly!
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