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Roundworm!!! Help please

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I would be grateful if anyone could advise me here with regards to my cat having roundworm. I only realised last night as I had noticed his bottom wasn't as clean as usual and found a roundworm. He was wormed but about 6 months ago. Anyway, my question is that I am going to get a Drontal tablet after work and give it to him then I have researched that I should give him another in four weeks and after that a tablet every 3 months. He is outside rather a lot and is a bit of a keen hunter! Could anyone advise on how long it should take for the roundworms to go? He is in high spirits and doesn't seem to be bothered but should he have a check-up at vet or is this normal-ish? Any advice would be appreciated!
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I'd talk to the vet on how often you need to worm. My guys stay inside so no problems with worms. But I suspect if he goes out a lot and hunts, he would have them more/less all the time.

Not sure if its a good thing to keep worming him all the time.
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Worming medications are basically poison so I would definitely advise talking to your vet re how often to worm (as Goldenkitty says, if the cat goes outdoor, I would expect it would get worms on a regular basis). I'd also recommend getting your worming meds from the vet. Your vet will probably want to do a fecal to be sure it is in fact roundworm that you are dealing with and not something else that may require different medication.
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round worm or tapeworm?
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if it is around the cat's behind, that is tapeworm, it looks like little pieces of rice.
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