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Am I lucky or what!!

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hey hey guys..check this out..a cousin of mine called me yesterday to tell me tht some stray cat had been sitting on his wall for some days now and I shud cme and take a look. I went there and interestingly enough the "stray" cat looked like an abandoned Persian.

He was in miserable condition..matted hair..under weight...extremely scared. I decided to take him to the vet. Asked the vet to wash and groom him and check for any disease. Turns out he's alright except for being a little under weight and a few bruises from fighting with other cats. Got him last night and he is so amazing. First thing he did when i took him out of the pet cage was to go around me once..and straight to my lap..no questions asked..no hesitation. Later on I was sitting in my bed and he came and tugged on the bed sheet...i lifted it up a little and he went straight in and cuddled and dozed off..lol. This morning I was reading the paper and he jumped onto my lap..He's such a fuzz ball. Here r some pics:

He's addicted to sitting in the lap so whenever he sees me sitting on the couch for more than a minute..he comes running. Cute but cud be a little problematic in the long run

I am so happy yet at the same time...in the heart of my hearts..judging by how he is behaving..he was someone's center of universe..he obviously has been raised with a lot of love and affection to be used to sleep in the bed and always jump onto the lap..and I jst can't figure out why someone wud ever abandon such a cute kittke..I dont know if his previous owner moved or what..but whatever the case maybe..it sure as heck wouldn't have been an easy decision to let him go.

PS: By the way, i did ask the doc if he had seen this cat b4..to contact his owner..jst in case. He said he'd never seen it besides he said it's very hard to keep a tab on cats like tht.

Anyway guys..first time persian/long haired cat owner..tips/advice/words of wisdom? I brushed him this morning..he ran off with a little meow and then went belly up a few feet away..that was so funny.

PPS: Doctor said he looks like abt 14 months old..what do u guys think? Will he grow any bigger? How long does it take for Persians to reach full size. And b4 anyone says..I have no proof to back my persian claims..he jst looks like one to me..lol.

I also need to name him..so u can suggest names too. Sorry for the haphazard manner of the post..hard to be coherent..so excited.
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Oh gosh! He's a handsome one isn't he?!

So far as grooming. I haven't had a long haired cat in a number of years. But a good brush is a must.

My 2 cats are short hairs and both absolutely love the top brush in this image

It will work for long hair too and it's really good at getting to the under coat. Definitely daily brushing is needed to prevent matting. But by the sounds of it he's a real love bug and won't mind the extra attention at all.

So far as him being abandoned. It's entirely possible that he was lost. He could have been left to roam around and wandered off, or he could have dashed out the door and ran off. Did the vet check for a micro chip?
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Hey Natalie, I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. The vet here does have microchip facility as far as installing it is concerned..but no tracking facility.

He deosn't look like the sort that goes out..he looks very content sitting inside even when the door is opened..very lazy. Doesn't look like he cud manage a dash either lol. still sleeping.

I did get a brush from the vet..brushed him in the morning. He wasn't too keen on it but didn't make too much of a fuss either..jst meowed once or twice.
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What a pretty cat!! Could the vet determine how long your cat was in his condition??

Perhaps when you are done brushing you could give a treat??
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lol his face reminds me of patchys when she gets mad and scowls! hes very cute!
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ooh oooh you should name him copernicus because hes going to be the center of your universe LOL

definately brush him daily, zoom groom him if he'll let you and dont forget to buy a lint roller haha
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He is absolutely gorgeous!

Definitely groom him daily so he doesn't get matted. A metal comb works better than a brush for longhairs.

If you are worried about him belonging to someone you could post some flyers in the neighborhood where he was found. Likely he was abandoned though if he was dirty and underweight.

As for names, to me he looks like an Alexander
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When I read Paula's Alexander, I decided that fit him well. So Alexander from me, too.

He is so gorgeous. Im sure you must be in love.
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ooooh how lovely is he!! It's obviously fate! A real real shame that his last owner has abandoned or even lost the poor chap, but at least he has someone who will love him forever
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What a gorgeous kitty! I don't think he's pure Persian as his face isn't pressed flat like purebred Persians (my mother has one), but with that beautiful coat he could very well have Persian somewhere in his ancestry.

You've already got some good advice about brushing, so I'll just reiterate by saying you should look for a good-quality brush and brush him daily. If he seems reluctant, give him a little treat when you brush him and then he'll look forward to it. Most cats like to be brushed once they get used to it.

And as for names, I'm voting for Copernicus... you can call him "Pernie" for short which sounds a bit like "purr" and "Persian"!

As for how big he'll grow... there's some variation depending on the individual cat... but generally Persians tend to be small and stocky with short legs. So if he does have Persian in him, he's probably close to his adult size. But there's really no way to tell until he genuinely matures.
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What a beautiful kitty you have there. Congrats! I look forward to seeing more
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He looks a lot like my Nadette, who is quite petite, and was about 18 months when we got her. She hasn't really grown any since. She had a bit of matting last summer, so I need to groom her a bit more regularly - but not every day.
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what a handsome boy! yes, you are lucky!
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Aww he is precious... yes you are lucky to have found such a sweet and loving cat!
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He looks like a traditional or Doll Faced Persian.
Only the modern Persians are flat faced (Peke-faced).

One thing though, long haired cats should not be brushed, they should be combed.

He's a very lovely guy, and I also think Alexander suits him.
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hey guys..this is what i am using to brush his hair:

It works..i guess.

He has an upset stomach right now...been going in his litter tray several times today

I have one question...is it common for long haired cats to get their hair around the mouth get dirty when they eat? cuz his does and umm I was wondering if I am supposed to clean it up right there cuz he does clean himself afterwards.
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I use something that looks like this, although I think the teeth are longer. It is really good for getting down to the skin, and combing through tangles.


If he is super messy you might wipe him up a bit, but they will usually take care of it themselves. My cat drags his ruff in his wet food and also his water so I do have to clean that up for him sometimes.
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Three of my cats are long-haired and groom themselves quite a bit after eating. I see it more in the eyes with white-haired cats having to be cleaned. That said, often kittens are not as good at cleaning themselves as older cats.

As far as the tummy upset, it's likely a sudden switch in food could cause that. Just make sure he doesn't get dehydrated...
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yeah..he has access to water whenever he wants it.

This morning around 6 AM he jumped onto my bed, stood on my pillow and started purring..i said "what is it", he goes "purrrr purrrrr". So i lifted the sheet and he went in and started kneading on my tummy. This went on for abt 5-10 minutes..and then he went to sleep.
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when I made the last post, this is what he was doing:

someone pls photoshop a bottle somewhere near his paw.
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Awwwww what a love muffin he is

Have you decided on a name?
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not yet but narrowed down the list to:

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i like Snoozle - you can call him Snoo for short!
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Boy, he lies there just like a Ragdoll!
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I have a nephew named Dino ....... I like that name
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Congrats on the kitty find!!! I also vote for Snoozel
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he looks so at home! you are both so lucky to have found each other. what a beautiful kitty he is.

oh and i vote snoozle.
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Gizmo! That's my vote (but I did watch Gremlins A LOT when I was a kid!).

He is lovely and very lucky that you have taken him in.
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Congrats on your new kitty! You are lucky!! Hes so handsome!!
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He is precious!

I vote for Gizmo

by the way, is he neutered?
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