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No big surprise (Hollywood's sexiest poll)

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Just a little something to lighten the mood from all the war talk.
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hmmm... taye diggs only 0.1%?! are they blind?!
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i love ewen mcgregor, but where the heck is sean connery????????
i guess i have a thing for scotsmen!
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Well, Viggo certainly does it for me!!

What I couldn't believe is that Britney Spears was a close second to Halle Berry. Obviously men don't really care if there is a brain behind those boobs, I mean smile. Yeah, smile.
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Heidi - :LOL:
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Viggo is cute, but only really does it for me in character in LOTR, outside of that... eh.

damn, Taye is cute, and Johnny is/will always be cute. and Brad is still a beauty. and Ewan.

Not a big fan of Vin, though.

ah, their all kinda sexy, that or i'm just lusty right now...
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i think Salma, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Diane Lane are the sexiest women.

(and Cameron has a huge crush on... Cameron !)
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Where was Nicole Kidman!!!! and what about Hugh Jackman, so like a young Clint Eastwood. Yummmmmm

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Having never seem LOTR - Viggo's charms are lost on me. But Ewan and Johnny are lovely, with Brad coming very hot on their heels . . .

Sorry - couldn't muster up enough interest in the women. But I did notice BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!, do me a favour!
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If Vigo is no. 1 then where is Orlando Bloom?!?! He's sexier than Vigo IMHO. I saw him on tv the other day on the Graham Norton show. A bit disappointing - he's not very "Manly" but still he's way more cure than many of the guys on that list.
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I guess I have a different idea of what's sexy. Vin Deisel was the only one of the bunch does anything for me. I was so disappointed when I found out he doesn't really look like he did in XXX!
Peter Facelli from the FOX show Fastlane should have on the list.
I would not even recognized Viggo as the guy from LOTR.
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Viggo is definitely sexiest as Aragorn, but I recommend The Perfect Murder. I just watched it last night, and he was pretty hot in it, too, in a complete bad boy way! I think I like Aragorn better because he's so honorable.
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And I have to add, where's Matthew McConaughey in that poll?!?
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Love Ewan McGregor! Could have chosen a better picture, though.

One thing made me laugh-they first noticed him in Moulin Rouge? Has anyone seen Velvet Goldmine? Full frontal nudity? That's where I developed my obsession with him!
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Velvet Goldmine, hmmm...that might be worth a look see.

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Well, Luv Those Paws,let me just warn you...The movie deals in a great part with alternate romantic/sexual relationships, in the context of the rock world. Some people may be uncomfortable with that, so just wanted to give you a heads-up. All in all, though, I really enjoyed the movie and found it thought-provoking.
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Heidi, our Ewan is famous for flashing his bits. There are a number of films in which he does not hesitate to show off (try Peter Greenaway's The Pillow Book also) - I have to say, it's a standing joke in our house if there is a EMcG film on - hubbs will make a point of telling me and reminding me exactly why it is that I insist on watching all his films (apart from Star Wars).

Velvet Goldmine - is that the one about Glam Rock?
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he showed his bits in trainspotting....thats when i fell in lurve with him!
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Velvet Goldmine - is that the one about Glam Rock?
Yep, that's the one. I read somewhere that his role was based on a real rock star (who I can't for the life of me think of, but I want to say Lou Reed). It reminded me more of Kurt Cobain.
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