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Inappropriate urination LONG

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Not sure if this should be here or in "behavior" so feel free to move it to the correct forum.

A little background. Oscar is a 2 year old, male, neutered cat who was left behind when his owner moved out of her house, that she rented from my dad. He started off slowly, liked to stay in the dining room, but used the litter box 100%, ate, was fine. He's been here since July. A few months ago he started having fights with my resident cats (there are 6 others). Only with the males, never with the females. But he was still using the box, eating, being social, etc. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that someone had peed on the kitchen counter. Then again. Then in the dining room, bathroom, and bathtub, all on hard surfaces, never on carpet or furniture (I have a blacklight, so I checked all areas). Then one night I noticed that he was wheezing and not acting properly. Took him to the e-vet with a copy of his vet records from his original owner. He has had a UTI before, so I thought maybe he had a UTI, he was breathing funny because he was in pain, etc. They couldn't get any urine from him because his bladder was empty, so at least he wasn't blocked. Gave me some amoxy, sent me home. Next day the breathing was worse, back to the e-vet (this was a weekend). We determined that the odor of the cleaner than my boyfriend used to clean his chainsaw had brought on a breathing attack. They gave him a shot of some steriod, by the next morning he was 100% back to normal. Took him to my own vet on Monday just to check him over. She said she wasn't certain he even had a UTI to begin with, but to finish the antibiotic, and come back in when the amoxy was over. So he's been confined in the cat room for about 2 weeks now. I decided to let him out last night since he's been locked away for so long. He peed on the counter. SO now I'm thinking this is behavioral. He has a vet appt on Monday, but I'm sure some of you have dealt with behavioral urinating before. Any suggestions on how I go about making this better? He will be checked for anything medical while we're at the vet, but I'd bet my house that everything comes back normal.
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First thing that you should do is make sure the areas he peed are thoroughly cleaned. If he can smell where he peed he will pee there again. Second, watch him VERY closely. If he starts to squat like he is going to pee, calmly pick him up and set him in the litter box like when you train a kitten. Try doing this for a while and see if it works.
Also, don't force him to sit in the litter box after this, just casually set him in there and leave and watch him from a distance.

Also a couple questions

Has anything major changed, like did you go away for a while, get a new cat, move furniture, etc.? If you have that can cause bad behavior, we have this problem with Samba, if we leave the house for a long period of time he starts peeing on things.

Second, what kind of litter are you using and where are the litter boxes located? Sometimes cats can associate a bad time or sound with their litter box so they will not use it.

Last, does he seem to be in pain when he pees? If so he is he is most likely sick and should go back to the vet.

Hope this helps!

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Everything he's peed on has been a hard surface.I have cleaned it with Simple Solution and then checked it with a black light to make sure its all gone.
Nothing major has changed. We always have foster cats coming and going, but we have had dozens since he's been here and he's never done anything inappropriate. No going away for long periods, no furniture moving, litter boxes are in the same place, etc.

We use tidy cats, and there are as many litter boxes as there are cats, and have never been any issues before this.
No, he is not in pain when he pees. I watched him go the night we came back from the emergency vet. As soon as we got home (we'd been at the vet for 4 hours due to an emergency surgery) he went straight to the box and peed. Squatted, peed, came out, everything normal. When he is in the cat room he is 100% using the box. Just when he comes out. I'm thinking he is starting to become territorial. When he first came here, the kitchen and the dining room were his safe rooms from the dogs. The majority of the peeing has happened in there, either on the counter or on the floor. I have a feliway plug in plugged in there now, but I have had little success with those before.
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I cant hekp you but my Brother has that same roblem with his Males. Ash pees in the Sink and he ped on my Brothers hair too. There is nothing wrong with him either.
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Yeah, He is probably just trying to show his territory. Like i said earlier, watching him carefully and putting him in his box might help, just to show him you don't approve of this. Give him extra attention for a while and work hard with him, hopefully it will work. We struggled with trying to get samba to stop for almost 2 years before we got him to stop, just don't give up on him. I hope someone else has more advice for you!

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I hope we can fix this. I hate leaving him in the cat room by himself, but I work 40+ hours a week, and I can't leave him out all day to pee all over the place. I will start supervising him, but I just don't think he'll do it when I'm around. He never starts fights when I'm around, it's always after I go to bed. I can hear the growling and hissing. When I'm around he's a perfect, purring gentleman. I hope the vet has some advice. Technically, I'm still considering him a foster. If the right home comes along for him, I would let him go.Anyone on here have a nice, docile female and want a lovey tuxedo male who needs a slight attitude adjustment?
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