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here's the difference in all of the suggestions, to me, anyway - a black or a white top w/neutral shoes/sandals would be a more formal look than a colored top w/or w/o colored shoes &/or purse. if you look good in either black or white, then i'd probably wear one of those for church, but bring along a colored one for more casual wear - along w/black pants.
i'd probably go w/a neutral shoe, because it would go w/more stuff... i like to pack as lightly as possible!
i 2nd the idea of bringing along either a cardigan or jacket - some places really like to keep the a/c chilly!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Here is the skirt...It hits at the knees. Keep in mind, I don't have to dress right up for this church..I just wanted to look nice when I meet everyone there. He says some people where jeans..but Josh dresses up so I wanted to match him.

I tried on a nice purple top with it and to me a coloured top looks totally weird Unless, maybe a coloured top and a nice black or white cardigan over?

Also, can I not wear bare legs in the Springtime? Stockings seem weird when its 20 degrees

(tried to resize the pic a number of times...something wrong with PB)

Okay, I'm going to suggest something a little different. I'd look for a top that is the color
of gray in the skirt, maybe a light weight or open weave sweater. Black or matching gray
shoes, perhaps sling backs, so it looks springy, but not too summery. Match your handbag
with your shoes. Yes, stockings will look more polished for church. I'd go with gray faux
pearl necklace/earrings (if you're inclined to match jewelry.) Cute skirt!
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