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Annoying vet

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The clinic I take Popsie to has about four or five vets. There's one in particular that I do like because she has what they would call a good bedside manner. The one that saw Popsie today and has seen him before, I don't really care for. She doesn't try to soothe him or talk to him. She's very cut and dry. She also calls Popsie a she!!! That irks me to no end. I mean come on she should know Popsie is a boy. DUH I would request the other vet but I think when they work you in you have to be stuck with whomever they have available.
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My old vets office was like that. There were several vets, and I only saw the same one a few times. I hated that they didn't know my name, or who my pets were. So I asked around and went to a new vet. She's awesome, and the only vet at her practice. She knows me, her receptionist knows my voice when I call, as do most of the techs if they happen to answer the phone. She still confuses some of my animals, but with 7 cats, 3 dogs, and a million fosters over the 3 years I've been going to her, I can't blame her. I would start shopping around for a new vet, one who you can see every time you come in.
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I think it is better to see the same vet all the time, (unless his performance is unimpressive). We do have a free market system for vets in this country, so there is nothing to be upset about your vet, just go find another.

and some people do call a cat "she", regardless of sex.
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hehe, my dad calls all dogs "he" and all cats "she", even his own 2 cats and dog. He knows what sex they are, but for some reason, to him dogs are masculine and cats are feminine. Who knows!
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I always see the same 2 Vets. I used to see the Owner but he is always busy with Surgerys.
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Originally Posted by Kit E Cat View Post
hehe, my dad calls all dogs "he" and all cats "she", even his own 2 cats and dog. He knows what sex they are, but for some reason, to him dogs are masculine and cats are feminine. Who knows!
my sister is the same way!
when i rescued Firefox this summer, i took her in multiple times... always got the same vet every time - but the appointments were scheduled.
the others - i've taken both Pixel & Chip in for suspected UTIs. saw Firefox's vet for Chip, a different one for Pixel. i felt that Pixel's was more open to my opnions - they couldn't get a sample from her, but treated her based on the fact she never goes outside of her box. the other one wanted me to agree that Chip's peeing was strictly behavioral in nature... however, i didn't think it was, & requested that we treat him. after they tested his urine, crystals were found. i felt somewhat vindicated - & tend to prefer seeing the vet that seemed more open to my knowledge of my animal.
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I hear ya... the place I take my babies has several vets also. I have tried to build up a rapour with one of the vets over the past year or so. However, needless to say, she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and now I am frustrated with the thought of searching for someone new once again. Right now my Simba is in the middle of dealing with a nasty fungal infection and I've been seeing her since the start of it, so I am going to see it thru with her, however I'm less then pleased. I think after I get thru this bought with him I am going to look for someone else. I always try to pick a vet that also has cats, but I'm finding out that doesn't always mean they are a good vet. The one good thing about a facility that has several vets, if for some reason your vet is booked and you need to get in right away, there are always several others that are generally open.
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yea, that's how come Firefox & Chip saw the other vet - the one that saw Pixel wasn't on, & they pretty much needed immediate treatment. IMO.
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chloes vet at banfield had gone (i think ive mentioned him in another thread) and they just stuck her with some other vet without taking her situation into consideration. (she was TERRIFIED of ppl due to being abused but had taken to the previous vet and one vet tech) id taken her because she'd been wheezing and coughing. the vet just yanked her out of her carrier, didnt even listen to her lungs, wouldnt listen to me, told me that i only heard when i played with her because it was probably from cat litter (id changed to silica litter). she just gave chloe some amoxicillin and literally walked out the door while i was asking a question. i never went back.

--i was an online student and was with chloe LITERALLY 24/7.
--id been using febreeze because our tub had backed up since pipes in an empty apt froze and it smelled really bad. id tried telling her i thought chloe was allergic to the febreeze.
--she told me i needed to quit going on sites like this (that was how i heard of this site, actually LOL) id forgotten about that until just now
--she charged me $200 to belittle me and jerk chloe around. there wasnt even a tech in the room
--when i took chloe for a 2nd opinion i found out chloe WAS allergic to the febreeze and was wheezing really bad and wasnt coughing but having asthma attacks! (id quit using febreeze as soon as i thought thats what it was but she was still wheezing)

oh ya....i refer to all kitties as girls but thats just because mine are girls
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