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Party costume help! Any ideas?

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Okay so, we are having a 1920's vegas party on Saturday. And I am planning on being a showgirl. I had my outfit planned out with wearing a mirror sequin mini dress but I just tried it on and it wont go over my boobs... thats a problem. So now I'm trying to make a showgirl costume very quickly and for not a lot of cash!

I have a forest green corset with champagne/goldish stitching, but the zipper comes apart (it was $1 cos it was damaged and it fits wonderfully so I got it anyways) but any ideas on how to fix that?

I was thinking I could wear it with a pair of hotshorts but I dont know what color to get or even how to start to make them!

Should I try doing something like that?
Or does anyone know of any patterns for a costume like that?

And the headdress... any clues how to even start? I might end up just renting one from a local costume shop!

Any help would completely rock!
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for the hotpants (yes, that's the term for the short shorts), I'd go with black or silver (assuming the accent thread in the corset is silver). Between those two, I'd go with black. Easier to find the fabric, and would be more obvious from a stage (thinking some realism here, a showgirl wouldn't be seen close up, so the silver connection wouldn't be as obvious, unless you had silver in other things, like the headdress and/or shoes).

As for the zipper... most corsets don't have zippers... they have hooks and eyes, maybe, but mostly rely on the lacing... although that silver lacing doesn't look like it'll hold well, so I'd get some simple black lacing or ribbon at your fabric store. I'd just remove the zipper, if you have the time to do that repair work. If you want something to help the lacing, get hooks and eyes, or there may be (at my store, I believe we do, but smaller stores may not) some binding/bias tape with snaps or hooks and eyes.

If you really just want to replace the zipper, get out your trusty seam ripper (if you don't have one, you should, mine are indispensable) and rip the old one out... take it to the fabric store and find one the same length. If there isn't one the exact same length, get one just a little longer and cut it down... then sew it in. If you've never sewn a zipper... well, I'd go for the hooks and eyes, honestly. I could try to explain a zipper installation, but my typing wouldn't do it justice.

Hope this helps...

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yea zippers and I dont exactly get a long... I'm still learning to sew! But I might just rip out the zipper like you said!

The stitching is actually a champagne color. Kinda goldish but the flash got to it!
The ribbon holds pretty well considering it was like $1... LOL what can I say I'm a cheap college kid!
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Check your PM box!
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You could easily replace the lacing with some stronger ribbon/thread... definitely get a boa! Head dress is a little more complicated, renting one might be a good way to go... I don't know just how short or sexy you want to go with the shorts haha but I just got a really hot/cute pair of black boy shorts from Victoria's Secret - can't say I've ever made shorts or seen a pattern for short shorts... I used to live for costume/theme parties in college (I thought about/researched my halloween costume for months beforehand)! I have such a costume collection - but I never did vegas show girl... get some cool glitter eye make up too! Feathers and sparkle are big in show girl costumes... oh and a garter too

I googled show girl costume and this halloween site came up that has several examples you could get ideas from:
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
So now I'm trying to make a showgirl costume very quickly and for not a lot of cash!

I'd just wear pasties with tassels.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I'd just wear pasties with tassels.
LOL I would but my BF might get angry!

So far I have chopped the zipper out and resewn the seam, and it looks much better! But it is a bit hard to get in and out of!
I'm going to a few stores tomorrow and searching for some shorts!
I am going to get 3 boas, 1 to carry and 2 to make a tail out of
(the look I'm going for is kinda like This)
Um the headdress I am still thinking on! I'm thinking maybe get a cheap tiara and attach some feathers?
And I am making myself and a few girl friends garters with gun holsters and I bought a pack of water guns and I'm spray painting them black and silver! So we can have a little hidden weapon. They are awesome!

I'm the same way! I LOVE theme parties! All of my parties have themes! And halloween = awesomeness. I am starting to plan my costume already this year. I'm thinking about being a duct tape Geisha (last year I made a duct tape witch costume and it was a huge hit) and maybe entering some contests!
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Ooo, I just thought that it's that time of year that swimsuits are out on the racks - couldn't hurt to peek in those sections of stores to see if any have boy short bottoms that would work!

Your ideas sound great! I was a playboy bunny my last year of college for halloween and almost bought a gun holster garter (cuz they're adorable!) but I actually have a garter from my university (yeah they sell them in the bookstores haha) so I wore that... I miss theme parties so much! Couldn't really stretch more than 5 years out of college though haha
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Okay soooo
I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought 4 boas. 2 to carry and 2 to use as my tail. (the question is what to do with them after the party! LOL! Maybe decorate my headboard?)
I bought a yard of stretchy sequined elastic to use if I want. But I doubt I will.
I went to a costume shop and they have a Black and gold vegas headdress that I will be renting most likely. Its only $10 so I'm thinking that will be just as much as if I were to buy the stuff to make it! And much easier!
The guns are mostly spray painted I think I have 2 more to do, and I'll probably clear coat them. I have 2 black ones 2 "hammered" ones and 1 silver one and 1 silver and black one. I just need to figure out how to attach them to the garters.
Um the fishnets and high heels I got!
Make up not sure what I'm doing but I'm sure I have the stuff for it!
Oh and I'm borrowing a friends black satin gloves and some big sparkly costume jewelry.

Now the shorts... that I'm having issues with! I'm still searching for those! I'll be going on a search tomorrow!
Woot! I cant wait to show you guys pics!

Anyone think of anything I'm forgetting?
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Sounds like it's coming together! I'm excited to see your pictures lol

What year are you in college? If you're not graduating in a month, I'm sure you'll find other uses for those boas Basically any costume components I had that were blue or white ended up in my collection of crazy stuff to wear to football games haha

Um I can't think of anything you might be missing (except maybe a purse - unless this party is at your place... I always tried to incorporate some kind of little bag into my costumes for phone/keys/money etc... especially if the boy wasn't wearing pockets that night)... you could go for fake eyelashes too if you wanted... I used them for my bunny costume - a little bit of a pain to get on, but really add to the look

I'm excited for you haha wish I was going to this party lol
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I should be an upcoming senior but I'm currently trying to save to get back and finish my last 2 years.
I MISS FOOTBALL!!!! Our college dropped it 4 years ago... and its horrible!

We always have at least 2 costume parties a year, we have my bday and halloween so who knows what I'll be using boas for. Plus they might come in handy for my bachelorette party whenever my BF and I get married!
Luckily since the party is at my house I dont have to worry too much about carrying stuff!
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We will want pics of course!
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