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Ping - Pong living arangements

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Our new kitty is warming up very slowly to my boyfriend and I...She still hisses at us more then she lets us pet her and still hides under the couch most of the day... We are going on vacation for a week, and I wondered if it would be ok to move her to my place so my mom can visit her more frequently. My place has far less to get into, and my roomate, although not a fan of cats, will be around most of the time. I am not sure that she has adjusted to her new (1 wk so far) surroundings, and I am afraid that moving her to my place for a week would confuse her even more. Would it be best to just leave her where she is, alone for the week, and make other visiting arangements?
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I am moving in a couple of months. I also had questions on moving my cats. I was told not to move them back and forth. I don't know for sure but I would not move her again. If you have a room it might be best to leave her in there and try to go and see her a few times. A week is not really that long if you can check on her.
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It sounds like she is quite stressed. Simon's mommy's right - moving her now to new surrounding will probably stress her even more.

Can you get a cat sitter to visit her everyday? She needs someone who will clean her box, give her food and water and spend some quality time of playing and petting with her.
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My mom will be visiting her once a day the week we are gone...My kitty IS extra stressed right now, but she and my mom are pals, so hopefully the visits will help her adjust...Thankx for the replys...Does anyone know any tricks to draw my kitty "out of hidding"? Im worried that she will hide under the couch during visits, dispite the history she shares with my mom...
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what worked for me were the feather teasers. the long sticks with feathers on the end. my cats would venture out to play with them. One of the fishing pole toys worked as well. I would sit on the bed & 'cast' and I almost always ended up catching a kitty!

where in Indpls do you live? I'm orginally from Lebanon which is 30 minutes north. my dad now lives in Carmel, my best friend in Noblesville. my brother in Brownsburg & my grandmother lives in Crawfordsville. where did you go to hight school? I went to Lebanon High School & then went on to Ball State.
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