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Newbie Needs Help

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Hi guys,

I've been taking care of a litter. The three seem to be developing fine, but one isn't. Here's some pix to compare. What do I feed the poor little kitty??

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Oh...that kitten looks so frail.
Have you called your vet?
I would call this an emergency.
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They haven't been taken to a vet. I heard it was too early? If not, then I definitely will!
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He does need a Vet. Oreo was half the size of the rest of her Litter and is ok now, She has fcks though. He could have heart problems are something making him small.
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Follow the links below for more help with the kittens.
I would call my vet right away about the tiny one.
Read the one below also...
but call a vet first.
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Try to do as much as you can, but will tell you that the kitten will be lucky to survive. Its possible that it was conceived later then the original kittens (mom bred over several days) and it was really behind in development.

Please don't feel too bad if he/she doesn't make it. If mom were feeding them all, chances are she would have rejected that kitten and it would not be here now.
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A Mod moved your thread to this forum so that you might receive more feedback about how to help this little kitten.
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That kitten looks so frail and pitiful. Why are they outside on the cold pavement? That might be one of the reasons it's so sickly. Is the kitten active? I would give it supplemental feedings and bring them inside in the warmth. Good luck.
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Oh I am sorry you are dealing with this. I have taken care of a kitten like this that was smaller than the rest of the litter. It appears to have fading kitten syndrome. Notice how the head is growing but the body is not.

There are some steps you can take, but it is a diligent task and you are likely to loose him anyway.

My guess, from experience, is that he is too weak to nurse, not even on a bottle. The kitten I nursed lasted 3 extra days, with a rigorous schedule, but I still lost him.

If you pinch the skin on the back of it's neck, does it retract very slowly? If it does not rebound quickly it means he is dehydrated. You can try to nurse him with a kitten bottle, but you will probably have better luck with an eyedropper, but I suspect that he is still too weak. If feeding the kitten this way, do not feed him while he is cold, and do not hold him upside down. Warm him with towels fresh out of the dryer, or a sock filled with rice warmed in the microwave, or even a covered heating pad. Feed him tummy side down and push the KMR/formula in slowly.

You can administer dextrose solution subcutaneously. This is best done by a veterinarian, but if you must and you trust yourself, it can be done at home. The shelter teaches us to do this for fading or orphan kittens. The supplies can be bought at a store that sells cattle supplies (or maybe even a feed mill). Use a very small needle, we use 3ml 21g1 needles and 50% dextrose solution. Suck up 3ml into the needle, pinch the skin on the back of their neck and insert needle through the skin. Push the plunger slowly. After they are hydrated you will notice a big difference in their actions! They might even seem like they are ok, but it only lasts a short time. While they are feeling well, try to get them to nurse off the mom, the eyedropper or whatever you can. And be diligent! It only takes 3 short hours for them to dehydrate again!

Lastly a kitten can be tube fed but you would definitely want a vet teach you how to do this and give you the supplies. Tube feeding can cause serious and fatal complications such as pneumonia and aspiration, and constipation/blockage of the intestines. This is a last resort, but often highly effective, method of trying to save a kitten.

Good luck with this little guy! I will be thinking about you!
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How is this kitten doing?
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Hi guys. I just want to let you know that, unfortunately, Tubby has passed away. According to the vet, Tubby had fck I want to thank everyone for their support and advices. It has been very difficult since I have really grown attached. I will surely be back for more advice on the other three kittens who, I am happy to say, are developing well
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I am so sorry, this little one just could not thrive.
Rest is peace baby Tubby.

Please keep us updated about how the other sweetie pies are doing.
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i am just wondering what fck is
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Originally Posted by the godess bast View Post
i am just wondering what fck is
Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, FCK
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, FCK
Is this like Swimming Puppy Syndrome?
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I'm sorry about little Tubby. I hope you find peace in knowing you did all you can! Fly high little Tubby!
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Is this like Swimming Puppy Syndrome?
I didn't know what Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome or FCK was until I read Dr Jean's answer in this thread posted the other day in our our guest expert's forum.
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