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Cat Running Away

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We moved a couple of weeks ago from our house to a lovely apartment only a quarter mile away. My cat, Oliver, has gotten out twice and we found him back at the old house. Our other two cats are fine. Oliver has never moved before whereas the other cats have. They are two years old and Oliver is 6.

I've tried butter on his paws, but it hasn't worked. (My mother swore by this with a new cat). Does anyone have any suggestions as I am really concerned.


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Butter on the paws is an old wives tale you just need to be extra careful and ensure he doesn't get out
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Yes keep him inside. Cats tend to go back to familiar things. You must keep him inside and not let him roam unsupervised. If you want him to be outside, either train to a harness/leash or build a cat enclosure.

I'm making NO comment about the butter on the feet thing
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You may need to keep him to a smaller area for awhile. When I move I put my cats in their own room and let them get familiar with a smaller space. They can get their scent everywhere faster and then I let them venture out a little at a time. He sounds like he needs to make this new place his home.
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I'd keep him inside.

If you MUST put him back outside, keep him inside for a least a few weeks solid (so he can identify that this is home now.)
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Thanks to all of you for the good advice. He is in, but really depressed.
We are giving him lots of love.


P.S. The butter has worked for us for 60 years.
Oliver's the first that it hasn't. Unless he runs
away to get more butter!
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