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My two male cats fighting

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My two male cats ( Cheech and Butterbean), brothers, just turned a year old a few weeks ago, Both are neutered and are house cats for the most part. I do let them out at times.... Well yesterday I let them out for awhile. Butterbean came in on his own but I had to go out to find Cheech. I did find him but he was with a new cat. We live out in the country so there are lot of cats running around. This new cat did have a collar on so it wasn't a stray/ferrel one. I think maybe it was a female. After I got him inside, both of mine started fighting each other. Then this morning it started up again about 6 am. Could this be a spring time thing or territorial? Could Cheech have the smell of the neighbhood cat on him. I separated them by putting Cheech outside for while and kept Butterbean inside. I really don't know what to do with them. Cheech has always seemed a little more wild then Butterbean.

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Star by getting a Feliway diffuser. This seems to help a lot of cats to 'settle down.' A drop of vanilla on each cats chin and the base of the tail will help too since they'll smell the same again. I'd reccommend keeping them completely indoors too.
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Sometimes other cat smells can trigger that response. I suggest if you don't want to keep them inside, to train them to a harness/leash or build/buy a cat enclosure.

Try sprinkling cornstarch baby powder on both and rub it in well.
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