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My Pipsqueek is contipated. I'm not sure exactly when his last poop was. I've been working double shifts and coming home and going straight to bed. I know I cleaned his litter on Sunday, but with 2 cats using the litters interchangably...

When I got home last night, he just looked depressed. Then I noticed that he wasn't sitting normal. So I looked. Sorry if this is TMI. His tail had a smear that I cleaned up. His anus is raw and seems to be slightly open. And he stinks like poop.

I called the vet first thing this morning for any ideas and to see if I could get an appointment. Well, the vet called in sick this morning. So the earliest she can see him is tomorrow. The tech just suggested I give him extra canned food with extra water mixed in.

A friend suggested I try sticking a cotton swab with vaseline in to lube the way. She used to do that for her children when they were infants.

HELP! Any suggestions I can do to get things moving, pun intended
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Is there any other Vet you can go too. if he looks bad i would not wait. My Coco always is Constipated and they gave her Lax'Aire for it.
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He was actually born in the vet's back room so he has never seen another vet. I just took another look. He seems to be covered in something tarry. But when I wipe it off, the tissue is yellow.
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Uhoh, no advice but I hope he's feeling better today
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Pip is now at the vets.While examining him this morning, she felt large pieces of poop in his bowels. She manually removed the first piece and gave him an enema. It was so difficult standing in the exam room listening to him scream in the treatment room. While he is there being monitored, she is also going to do a senior panel on him (he is 9) to check his levels. Dr Jan said constipation can be one of the first signs of Renal Failure since the cat does not retain water. It is all peed out, which means there is no water to soften stool.

Please send my poor boy some get well vibes. And some coping vibes for me.
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My Cats with Crf never were Constipated. Stripe was 9 when we found out she had Crf though.
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Pip is receiving a second enema. He ate overnight, and has passed small amounts of stool, but not enough to send him home. An xray is next, looking for a blockage.

My anxiety is overwhelming. I've never heard of an animal dying of constipation, but I have heard of them dying of a blockage.
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poor baby ok, i'm sending & right now!
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hugs and vibes...

look up slippery elm / marshmellow two different items but they do the same job
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I hope he isnt blocked. They can die from that.
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